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Govt to review wages for hotel, hosiery, land port sectors

The government has recently taken a move to review the wages of workers employed in hotel and restaurant, hosiery and land port.
The labour ministry has issued a gazette notification appointing representatives from owners and workers to the wage board constituted for the purpose as per the Labour Act 2006.
Hotel and restaurant sector people, however, raised question over the appointment of representatives from owners and workers to the wage board saying that true representatives had been ignored by the government.
The wages of the workers employed in the hotel and restaurant and hosiery sectors were last reviewed in 2009 while those of the land port workers in 2010.
For the hotel and restaurant sector, the government has appointed Md Ruhul Amin, head of human resources of Hotel Regency, as owners’ representative and Md Ahsan Habib Mollah, adviser of Hotel-Restura Saramik League, as workers’ representative to the board.
For the hosiery sector, Ali Ahamed, owner of a hosiery firm, has been appointed as owners’ representative and Md Awlad Hossain, member of a workers’ association, as workers’ representative.
Md Aminul BOR Chowdhury, member of Bangladesh Land Port Authority, has been appointed as owners’ representative while Md Jasim Uddin, president of Bangladesh Sthal Bandar Sramik League, as workers’ representative.
According to the available statistics, the existing minimum wages of the workers and employees in the hotel and restaurant sector is Tk 1,750, that of the workers and employees in the hosiery sector Tk 2,020 and that of land port workers 60 per cent of handling charge.
The minimum pay for the employees of the land port is Tk 7,050 a month.
The wage board will start its work to review the wages in the three industrial sectors where more than 17 lakh workers are employed.
Md Ruhul Amin told New Age that he was not aware of his appointment to the wage board as owners’ representative for the hotel and restaurant sector.
Rezaul Karim Sarker Robin, secretary general of Bangladesh Restaurant Owners Association, expressed his surprise over the appointment of a Hotel Regency official to the wage board.
‘It’s a common practice to appoint owners’ representative to wage board from Bangladesh Restaurant Owners Association as the body represents large number of owners who employ more than 15 lakh people,’ he said.
Rafiqul Islam, general secretary of Bangladesh Hotel Restaurant Sweetmeat Workers Federation, said that the government-appointed workers’ representative to the wage board was totally unknown to hotel workers and employees.
‘Ignoring genuine workers, the government appointed partisan people to the wage board,’ he said.
Rafiqul said that they would hold demonstrations in the city on March 30, demanding appointment of genuine workers’ representative to the board and setting the minimum wage at Tk 10,000 for hotel workers.
Md Awlad Hossain said that he was not aware of his appointment to the board but heard the news from reporters.
‘If the government calls me to the board, I will demand Tk 8,000 as the minimum wage for the hosiery sector,’ he said.

source ; the new age

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