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New iPhone 8 Leaks, Rumors, and Speculation: What We Know About Apple's Futuristic iPhone

Next year will be the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, and Apple is expected to release a barnstorming iPhone to mark the occasion and attempt to define the smartphone market for the next decade. It’s a big enough leap that many are assuming the ‘S’ will be dropped to presumptively call it the iPhone 8. There’s an argument that Tim Cook could reset the whole line and go with ‘iPhone’ (just as the iPad numbering was zeroed a few years ago). But for now, let’s go with ‘iPhone 8.’

The iPhone 8′s biggest issue, at least in the short term, is the damage that it will do to the iPhone 7. With so many exciting features already being written up, this year’s Apple smartphone is already feeling overshadowed. You can read what we know about the iPhone 7 here on Forbes, just pay careful attention to how Apple markets this year’s iPhone.

Finally, the iPhone 8 isn’t expected to be revealed until September 2017, well over a year away. Quite clearly, Taniyama-Shimura applies.

The biggest change in the iPhone 8 is going to be in the styling of the device. The current design of the iPhone goes back specifically to 2014, while the recently released iPhone SE reaches back even further to 2012. That’s all getting thrown out of the window as the iPhone 8 is expected to switch to a new design ethos that will see curved glass used on the front and rear of the device.

Source: Forbes

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