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The best iPhone deals: EE, O2, Three, Vodafone and the 5 best plans on Apple's major handsets

Apple launched its brand new iPhone 6S and sister handset 6S Plus back in September with impressive built-in 3D touch , a 12-megapixel camera , and luxury rose gold casing.
The flagship 6 upgrade - which sold out in just minutes nationwide - may have been well worth the wait for millions of fans worldwide, but with a premium price tag of £539 for the 6S handset alone (£40 p/m on contract) - it's an expensive luxury.
More recently, Apple has withdrawn its iPhone 5C from the market with the arrival of the SE or 'affordable 5', with featured built-in touch - and a price tag of £360 sim-free and around £25 on contract.
And, what about an iPhone 7? After last year's iPhone 6s upgrade, it's likely the technology giant will reveal a brand new design for this year's model - although no hints were dropped at the annual 2016 WWDC Apple conference .
If you want to get your hands on an Apple smartphone in the near future, we've researched some of the cheapest contract deals below, broken down by iPhone: 5SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus - all are 16GB. If you're locked in contract, or your plan is coming to a close, you can use our handy breakdown for guidance, don't forget to haggle with your current provider - as often loyalty pays - and you could lock in a pretty nifty deal.
Although news of a possible iPhone 7, or a release date is unlikely to be announced before the autumn, prices on previous models tend to crash in the run up to a new release - so if you can hold out for six-months, you're unlikely to lose out.
If you're worried about over-spending, or finding the right deal for your usage, we've also got some money-saving tips on how to switch, how to find a package for you - and how to sell your current phone for the best price .
For iPad deals, see our guide on the cheapest iPads, or see the best phone and broadband deals and smartphone deals here.
Some deals may include an upfront cost - this is a fixed one-off fee for the handset. If you do not want to pay upfront, you can view the next available deal on the network's website.

5 Lowest iPhone SE 16GB contract deals

If you're looking to get your hands on the latest SE model, the cheapest deal on the high street is through Three at £11 a month for the first six months, and £23 thereafter. Included in the package is 500MB data, 100 minutes and unlimited texts. Including the upfront one-off payment of £100, you'll spend a grand total of £579 over the 24 month contract.
Virgin Media is not currently stocking this new 5 model, however, the next best offer is through EE at £28.49 a month for 24 months and £49.99 upfront. You'll get unlimited texts/minutes and 500MB data for a total of £733.75 over the two-year period.
For a greater data allowance, O2 and Vodafone are both offering 1GB data with unlimited texts and minutes for £31 p/m and £32 p/m respectively. That's a total spend of £744 and £788 over the contract length.

5 Lowest iPhone 6 16GB contract deals

Getty ImagesiPhone models at the launch of the new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus
iPhone models at the launch of the new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus
If you've a little more to splash out, you may consider an iPhone 6 deal - which starts at £672 for 24-months.
The cheapest deal is through Virgin Media with no upfront payment, 500MB data, 250 minutes and unlimited texts for £28 a month or £672 in total.
In second place is Three at £15 a month for the first six months, and £30 thereafter. Included in the plan is 500MB data, 600 minutes and unlimited texts - over 24-months you'll spend £729 including a £99 upfront payment.
Next up is Vodafone which offers 1GB data and unlimited calls/texts for £32 a month, with £30 upfront - taking you to a total two-year spend of £798.
O2 is offering a replica package for £4 extra a month, but no upfront payment and a total contract expenditure of £864.
For more data, the best plan is with EE at £40.99 a month, no upfront payment, 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts and a total two-year spend of £983.76.

    5 Lowest iPhone 6 Plus 16GB contract deals

    AFP/Getty ImagesApple CEO Tim Cook introduces the iPhone 6s
    Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the iPhone 6s
    The lowest priced iPhone 6 Plus on the high street is through Virgin Media at £33 a month with 500MB data, 250 minutes and unlimited texts for £792 in total.
    Next up is O2 which beats Three by £1 with its £41 monthly package including 1GB data and unlimited texts for £984 altogether. Three's slightly poorer deal offers only 600 minutes and an upfront £49 payment, followed by a £39 monthly fee, taking you to a £958 overall spend.
    Leading the way on the data front is EE with its £50.99 price plan, inclusive of 4GB data and unlimited calls/texts for an eye watering £1,293.75 in total, including a £69.99 upfront fee.
    The worst deal we've found is with Vodafone which offers a low 500MB data, 400 minutes and unlimited texts plan for £37 a month, with a £150 upfront payment - and a 24-month grand total of £1,038.

    5 Lowest iPhone 6S 16GB contract deals

    Getty ImagesThe iPhone 6s
    What about the 6S model? There are some pretty good bargains out there but all with low data allowances, unless you're willing to splash out £50 or more a month.
    Possibly the best deal is with Virgin Media at £32 a month with 500MB data, 250 minutes and unlimited texts - with a total spend of £768.
    We're ranking Vodafone's £28 a month plan the worst value for money, with 500MB data, 500 minutes, unlimited texts and a £240 upfront payment. This takes you to a total two-year spend of £912.
    For best data, EE has a £45.99 plan with no upfront payment, 2GB data, 1,000 minutes and unlimited texts for £1,103.76 in total. This is followed by O2's 1GB deal which we've broken down below:
    • O2 - £46 a month with a £9.99 upfront payment, 1GB data and unlimited calls/texts for 24-months. Total spend is £1113.99.
    • Three - £17 a month for the first six months, £34 thereafter. Included in the plan is a £149 upfront payment, 500MB data and 600 calls/texts for 24-months. Total spend is £863.

    5 Lowest iPhone 6S Plus 16GB contract deals

    GettyApple's iPhone 6 (L) and iPhone 6 Plus (R) boxes and phones are displayed together
    Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus boxes and phones are shown together in Utah
    Our research has found just one 6S Plus deal under £1,000 over the 24 month period, and it's through Virgin Media . This deal includes a £36 monthly payment, with 500MB data, 250 minutes and unlimited texts. The total spend is £864.
    We've compared the next best deals we've uncovered by order of best below - although quite pricey, EE is offering a generous 10GB data when you splash out £55.99 a month.
    • iD - £33.50 a month, £189.99 upfront, 500MB data, 300 minutes, 5,000 texts and a £993.99 total spend.
    • Three - £41 - £20.50 for first 6 months, with 1GB data, unlimited calls/texts and a total spend of £1,010.
    • Vodafone - £32 a month, £280 upfront, 500MB data, 500 minutes, unlimited texts and a £1,048 total spend.
    • O2 - £51 a month, £9.99 upfront, 3GB data and unlimited calls/texts. A total spend of £1,233.99.
    • EE - £55.99 a month, 10GB data, unlimited calls/texts and a total 24-month spend of £1,343.76.

    How to buy a refurbished device

    If you want to buy a second-hand iPhone, always make sure you purchase from an established retailer, and request a receipt for reference.
    Make sure you enquire about a warranty as this will protect and your rights, should the unexpected happen - or your item fails to arrive.

    How to sell your current phone for the best price

    If you do decide to switch to a new phone, you might be able to make money on your old one.
    Online companies such as Mazuma Mobile , Envirofone , Fonebank and MusicMagpiewill give you cash in return for your old handset. You can find out what it's worth by entering the model or IMEI number (this is the 15-digit code on the phone's box. You can also find it by texting #06# ).
    If your phone is damaged or broken, it may be worth investigating whether it's worth fixing your phone and then selling it. Phone recycling companies pay their best prices for full working condition handsets, so if it's got a cracked screen, you're profits could suffer.
    eBay.co.uk and Amazon are also good places to sell, as competitive auctions and the ability to set your own price means you could get even more out of your device.

    O2 Recycle

    If you're looking to upgrade your current handset, you can recycle your current mobile phone to get hold of the latest must-have device through O2 Recycle .
    The mobile phone retailer and exchange service will pay out the following for your device, but there's a catch - you have to trade it for an O2 handset. Your phone must be in working condition. O2 also offers a price match promise and immediate payment in store or bill credit.

    5 retailers that will buy your phone for cash

    5 questions to ask yourself when taking out a new contract

      1. How much data do you need? AVOID overestimating how much you'll use
      2. ALWAYS haggle for a better deal - don't settle if you think you can get it for less
      3. How much will you use your device? Is it cheaper to buy on auction and invest in a sim-only plan?
      4. How reliable are you? Is insurance necessary? If that's a yes, look into third parties or your bank for a good deal

      4 things you need to know before you switch

      There are plenty of secrets to landing a cheaper phone deal - you just have to know what to ask for .

      1. Grab your current bill

      What Brits spend on data penalties

      Out-of-tariff data charges
      Your current bill will show you how many minutes, texts and data you use in a typical month, so use this as your guide.
      If you have a smartphone, pay close attention to your data usage. Every year, Brits spend around £885million on out-of-tariff data charges, according to uSwitch.com. One in four of us regularly exceed our data - you could be one of them.

      2. Check if you’ve paid off your handset

      Most of us opt for mobile deals that come with ‘free’ handsets, rather than forking out for a phone upfront. It’s not free, of course. But it means we can spread the cost of a pricey smartphone over a longer period, rather than having to pay a big sum upfront.
      But once your contract has ended, if you don’t switch to a new deal, you are effectively continuing to pay for a handset you’ve already paid off in full. Your mobile network won’t automatically discount your bill - it’s up to you to find a new deal.

      3. Consider SIM-only

      If you have paid off your phone, a simple answer is to switch to a SIM-only deal. That’s so long as you're happy with your current handset, and it's still in good working order.

      4. Explore flexible tariffs

      A more flexible tariff allows you to pay for your phone separately to your tariff.
      Once you’ve finished paying for the handset at the end of a certain period, your monthly cost will reduce so you pay only for your airtime. A few of the mobile providers offer these types of tariffs including Virgin Media's Freestyle and O2's Refresh.

      I’m still locked into a contract. Can I escape?

      Drew Barrymore as Casey Becker
      YES. If there is something seriously wrong with your phone service, you have everything to gain by asking to leave.
      Already own an iPhone? Here are 7 amazingly useful tricks you never knew it could do.
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