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Celebrity News: Americans stalk Pakistani actresses on Insta and their reactions are hilarious

Admit it! We all have been stalking our favourite celebrities on Instagram.
From Mahira Khan’s recent getaway to Thailand..

To Mawra Hocane’s latest shoot..

Some of us may be obsessessed with these stars.
But what happens when a bunch of Americans, completely unaware about their star power and style diaries come across them for the first time?
Let’s find out.
In a recent video, popular Youtube channel Fomo Daily stalked leading Pakistani actresses including, Aiza Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Mahira Khan, Sanam Baloch and Mawra Hocane on Instagram to decide whether they would like to, ‘Like’ (follow), ‘DM’ (Direct Message) or ‘Unfollow’ them on social media platforms.
Needless to say, their reactions will leave you in splits.
Here’s who they would like to follow, message and unfollow:

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