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Google Launches An Android Tips & Tricks Website

Google Launches An Android Tips & Tricks Website Android is one of the foremost interesting operating system, because it are often always exploited in a big and innovative ways that, thus because of the android user community. Hence, Google wants you to make most of your android smartphone. Its new web site for android users helps you learn all the information and tricks for your android based smartphones, wearables, TVs and tablets.

Google Launches An Android Tips & Tricks Website

Google’s tips and tricks web site for android caters to any or all kinds of users as it works as a guide for laymen further as has some good tips for professionals. the web site also saves users’ time and energy on finding totally different tips tricks for android on different websites.
Android.com currently includes a Tips and Tricks section, which will walk the user through all of Android’s core options. The mini-tutorials are divided in classes – Security, Voice, Photo, Battery, Customization, Apps, and Settings, holding a grand total of fifty three tips among them. These will teach you ways to toggle your location settings, keep a copy your photos, protect your phone’s knowledge within the case of loss or theft, what styles of voice commands you can issue and many more.
Moreover, to view the knowledge or tips and tricks you simply have to click on the “Learn More” button and a pop-up window will open. The instructions are literally a complete set of few easy and basic steps, so basically, you do not need to read over a couple of lines to implement the tips and tricks on your device.
Here is that the website link where you can browse all the essential tips and tricks for your android device.



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