Male grooming products can affect your skin

Are you the kind of partner who loves to use her husband's or boyfriend's grooming products — be it perfumes (they smell divine, don't they), or even razors (they sure are sharper).

However, it may not be as harmless as it seems. Did you know that they can adversely affect your skin? Says dermatologist,Dr Geeta Oberoi, "A man's skin structure considerably differs from a woman's as hormonal profiles which greatly influences the skin is different in men and women. Usually, the male skin is 20 to 30% thicker, in addition to being firmer, and is more capable of water retention.

The male skin exfoliates at a higher rate than woman's. Therefore, skin products that are made for men, take all these factors into consideration. Hence, long-term use of grooming products meant for men by women, can lead to faster rate of skin damage. It can also cause early onset of wrinkles and dark patches."
Source : dhakatimes24

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