Taskin in my Thoughts

Reports summarise that one of the youngest, professional cricket players of the national level in Bangladesh, Taskin Ahmed, right-arm fast bowler, was reported for a suspect action during the World T20 qualifying round match against Netherlands, but was allowed to play in the super10 match against Pakistan, in which he had figures of 2 for 32. He underwent an assessment in Chennai soon after, and as a result of that test, by an independent committee, has now been suspended from international cricket. Clearly, a slap on the face for ardent cricket lovers across the world and of course, the birth of yet another 'doomsday conspiracy' in the lives of Bangladeshis, for who, cricket is, currently, the lifeline.
As someone who is remotely connected to cricket, I still have trouble figuring out terminologies like 'sweeps' and 'upper-cuts' and so much more, especially when one listens to the commentary on the radio. Yes, I laugh and cry with the Tigers and the rest of the country after every match, I proudly wear their jersey, happy to see my name inscribed on the back, take it to heart when we lose and sing with pride when we win. Yet, I cannot differentiate between a regular and a fast bowler, a spin or a swing, a bouncer from a yorker.
Having lived in this part of the world, however, I am familiar with the concept of the 'big-guys' taking over the 'small-figs', the existing hierarchical structure in society that many in authority tries to hold on to and corporates taking advantage of the artist, the creator, the entertainer for benefit. The recent actions of the ICC remind me of just that.
One does not need to be a 'cricket-scientist' or an expert of the advanced level to understand that since Taskin Ahmed's regular deliveries were found legal in both the assessment and the match, it is certain that his bowling action during the match was not questionable. "The regulations were meant to ascertain whether the player bowled any illegal delivery during the match, and did not contemplate suspending a bowler for delivering an illegal delivery in test conditions, which he did not bowl during the match. Therefore, he cannot be suspended and his reporting by the Match Officials was wrong," writes Adib Shamsuddin for the Daily Star.
Naturally, the BCB has made an appeal to the ICC to reconsider Taskin Ahmed's suspension from bowling in international cricket. The communication was made personally by the BCB president Nazmul Hassan, who said that he spoke to the ICC chairman Shashank Manohar and chief-executive Dave Richardson.
Not only Bangladeshis but sensible cricket enthusiasts from all over the world feel that it was strange for the ICC to take such a decision, especially when no evidence was found to support their claims otherwise. Moreover, the ICC made extra efforts to prove Taskin wrong in the middle of the ICC T20 World Cup, where Taskin was clearly showcasing his world class feats and would have proved to be a top player by the end of the tournament.
Cricket is now the only positive element in the country that is neutral, disciplined, and surprisingly enough, unites people from all walks of life. It definitely is heartwarming to see social media warriors joining forces with those on the streets to fight for the single individual who has managed to bring a million smiles, many a times. Bangladesh is now on top of its game and there is no looking back.

source : the daily star

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