Telcos lose 27 lakh users in 2 months

The number of country’s active mobile phone users declined again in February amid an ongoing biometric re-registration of SIMs that took its toll on the subscriber bases of mobile phone companies.
According to the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission’s data released on Monday, the mobile operators lost nine lakh subscribers in the month.
In January the mobile phone companies had lost 18 lakh subscribers.
The active mobile users in the country were 13.10 crore in February, which were 13.19 crore in the previous month.
Officials of the mobile operators said the subscriber base was dwindling as users were not registering their multiple SIMs under the biometric re-registration process.
‘If someone earlier had five SIMs, now he/she is registering only two or three during the biometric re-registration. That is why the number is shrinking,’ an official of a mobile company said.
Leading operator Grmaeenphone’s subscriber base declined to 5.61 crore in February as the operator lost 1 lakh users in the month.
Banglalink lost 4 lakh subscribers in the month that brought down the operator’s subscriber base to 3.19 crore.
Robi’s subscribers declined to 2.75 crore as the operator lost 2 lakh users in the month.
Airtel lost 2 lakh subscribers that brought down its subscriber base to 1.03 crore.
Citycell’s subscriber base dropped to 83,300 in February as the operator lost 34,000 users in the month.
Only state-run Teletalk’s subscriber base increased in February to 42.57 lakh as 46,000 new users were added by the operator which is yet to run the biometric verification at the retail level.
The internet users in the country, however, increased to 5.83 crore in February as the country added 22 lakh new users in the month. The new users were entirely mobile internet subscribers.
The mobile internet users increased to 5.55 crore in February from 5.34 crore in the previous month.

source : the new age

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