Country’s largest limestone quarry discovered in Noagaon

Country’s largest limestone quarry has been discovered at Badalgachi in Noagaon . The volume of the quarry is 50 sq km area.

The state minister for power and energy came up with the statement in a press conference which was held at secretariat on Thursday.

He said, the nation’s biggest limestone quarry was discovered under Tajpur upazila in Noagaon.

Prime minister has been already informed the matter, Nasrul Hamid said.

He added that, it was discovered at 2,214 feet under the ground. The drilling is continuing. 62 feet drilling was completed.The process is being continued. After finishing the full drilling process we will know the quantity of limestone.

Then we will go for survey, Said Nasrul.

He said in press conference that the value of the limestone is better.The limestone will fulfill the demand of our cement factory. 
Source : jagonews24

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