Earn $500+ Per Month Using Google Adsense in Bangladesh & Worldwide


Make money online $500+ US Dollar in Bangladesh & Worldwide at home is not so easy. But, if you take a training on SEO, AdSense & Blogging under a professional online earning teacher, then you are able to earn $500+USD at home. It is good news for Bangladeshi people that our teacher will give you make money online training at the comfort of your home. People of other countries have to take the training through online from our professional online teacher.

Adsene is a program of Google where people can earn money showing Adsense's ad in their website/Blog. The earn will come through per 1000 page views by visitors and clicks on ad. Adsense generally pay $1 for  1000 page views and $0.01 to $5+ dollar for one click on ad by a visitor. Below is a list of world's top 10 Adsense revenue/money earning websites/Blogs:

#10 Click India
Niche : Marketing and Advertising
Global Alexa Rank : 5000
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $50,000

#9 PlentyofFish NOW POF
Niche : Online Dating
Global Alexa Rank : 600
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $90,000

#8 Labnol
Niche: Technology
Global Alexa Rank : 2800
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $105,000

#7 ShoemoneyNiche : Finance
Global Alexa Rank : 15,100
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $120,000

#6 Digg
Niche : Blogs
Global Alexa Rank : 600
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $200,000

#5 Techcrunch
Niche : Technology
Global Alexa Rank : 550
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $220,000

#4 DigitalPoint
Niche : Online Forum
Global Alexa Rank : 350
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $350,000

#3 Mashable
Niche : News and Technology
Global Alexa Rank : 290
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $450,000

#2 Ehow
Niche : Online Guide
Global Alexa Rank : 230
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $550,000

#1 Wikihow
Niche : Online Guide
Global Alexa Rank : 205
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $550,000

I have experimented on my Adsense account and found that it is possible to earn $21 in a single day and more if you work hard. A screen shot of the experiment is given below:

adsense income proof
Click on picture to view large/zoom picture

For a handsome earning from Adsense we will teach you how to write a good and original article for your website and, how to start a website/Blog (free blog) to generate huge earnings.

But, the main thing behind this handsome earning from Adsense is visitors/traffic. And the visitors will come through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The work of SEO is to rank your website high on search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., because people visit the top sites of search engines first, and we too. We will teach you SEO to get those huge visitors.

Some questions and answers you might have in your mind?

1. Is earning from Adsense Ad real or fake?
A. At first you have to think that it is program from world's leading company Google, so it never be fake. It is 100% genuine money earning program from Google. Million of people worldwide earning Billions of dollar from Google.

2. What will you teach us for that handsome earning from Google Adsense program?
A. 1. SEO friendly Article Writing. 2. Blogging (write something of your interest in a website/Blog). 3. SEO, 4. Secret Adsense setup to boost your adsense earning. 5. As a bonus we will teach you more earning ways which you can use in your blog/website. 6. One month free support after the training/course to solve any problem you face during the process of your earning/practical work.

3. What will be the duration of your training?
A. We have designed a short cut ways of training/earning of one month, 2 days in a week and each class duration is for 2 hours, so that a student can start earning fast. But, it is not a fixed time, some students will capture the training slowly, so, it will be increased for them. Because, our motto is to teach a student in a better and relaxed way without giving any pressure on his brain. It is in fact a result of 15 years of experiment. So, don't worry about your earnings.

4. How long it will take to start earning?
A. As it is not a kind of cheating program that allows you to start earning instantly, it will gradually and surely increase your earnings day by day. It is a kind of real business, and all business takes minimum of 3 months to get a good result from it, and one day you will surly earn $500 USD per month. But, some real short cut ways to boost your earnings are also available what we will teach you at the end of our training. 

5. How long I have to work per day?
A. 5 to 6 hours are enough to set up your blog/website including SEO for first few months. But, it will gradually be reduced to 1-2 hours per day after that.

6. What will be the training cost or have to pay for the training?
A. It will be notified over a phone call by you to us.

7. Who are eligible or fit for the training?
A. Any people who are serious to earn from online as well as Adsense are eligible and fit for the training.

If you have more questions in your mind, please leave it at comment box or make a call to us.

Contact us: (+88) 01874 36 59 17 (10.00am to 10.00pm Bangladeshi time)
16.00pm to 4.00am GMT.  
Email: smenayetk13@gmail.com

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