How to Get Free Payoneer MasterCard + $25 Bonus (No.1 PayPal Alternative)

how to get $25 Free

Whether you are an internet marketer, a freelancer or a writer, you always want to get your transaction as quickly as possible. But if you are from the Paypal unsupported countries like Bangladesh or Pakistan, it may be a bit difficult for you to get your payment. You should use Payoneer global payments service, to have the opportunity quickly. Because, Payoneer is the No.1 PayPal alternative now a day.

Payoneer makes it most easier to get paid online quickly. It is a NY (New York) based online payment option that handles cash transfer safely and securely to more than 200 countries worldwide. It gives a totally Free Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® that can be applied to MasterCard supported ATM booths.

In this article, I will discuss the process of  getting a free Payoneer MasterCard with $25 bonus. I'll also tell you a step by step process of withdrawal money and fund transfer.

What's Payoneer Debit MasterCard?

Payoneer MasterCard is actually a Prepaid Debit Card which is usable in most locations worldwide where MasterCard is allowed. You can even withdraw Payoneer money worldwide that shows the MasterCard® from any ATM and also locally. Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard permits you to have immediate access to your cash.

Benefits of the Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard

I’d want to let you know some extraordinary benefits of having Payoneer MasterCard before going further.

You don’t have to have a bank account to obtain a free MasterCard. You are able to withdraw cash via Payoneer from your own local ATM.

You are able to do online shopping, or you need to use it in shops that support MasterCard.
You may apply from your Payoneer account for a Free Personal US Bank account.

How to Join Up for Payoneer MasterCard
Applying for Payoneer card is incredibly easy. All you have to do is, enroll on and wait for the MasterCard to reach to you.

Initially, you must create a Payoneer account. Now WHAT'S PROMISING is, when your card is filled with $100 you can generate the $25 bonus.

Follow this link and click ‘Sign Up & Earn $25’ button. Without signup through the referral/affiliate link you will not get the benefit of getting free $25 bonus according to terms and conditions of Payoneer. So, please signup through any link given to this article (all are my affiliate links).

No.1 PayPal Alternative

Then you will be redirected to singup page. Select the Prepaid Mastercard and click to signup.

Now the next thing, you should enter your Prime Email Address, your DOB (Date of Birth). Be sure you have given the name and DOB relative to your National ID/Passport/Driving License. Click on ‘Next’.

You should enter your contact address. Ensure that you enter the proper information, Town and Postal Code. Your MasterCard must be delivered to your address that is supplied.

Click on ‘Next’.

In the next step, you need to create a unique Password along with a Security Question. Have a screenshot of the S. Question’s reply or write it down to the notepad. Security Question can help you to obtain password if forgotten.

Click ‘Next’.

Now, you will have to examine your identity by providing Driving License or Passport or National Identity information. Select a sort of Government identification and offer information prior to that identity.

Then check all the terms and click ‘Order’ button.

You then will get ‘Order Card Confirmation’ mail.

It might take 7 to 15 working days according to your location to obtain your card available. Sometime the postman fails to deliver your card; so, go to your nearby Post Office and get his cell number and keep contact the postman regularly through his cell or mobile number.

To Activate your Payoneer Card
Activating the Payoneer card is very easy. Login to your Payoneer account using your Password once you’ve received your card in your hand. Username is normally the E-Mail address you’ve given at the time of signup to Payoneer.

After signing to your account, click ‘Activate’ button. (Follow screenshot)

Now, you need to enter the ‘16 digit card number‘ from your own newly received card to ensure that Payoneer may confirm that you’ve received the card. Then choose 4-digit PIN that you will be applying in ATMs and merchants. Select ‘Activate’.

On the next page, it will be proved by displaying a message “Your request was successfully performed”. You'll also receive a confirming email by Payoneer.

Now you can begin to use the card.

How to Add Money To Your Payoneer Card

Once you’ve triggered the card, it will present $0.00 on your own account. You’ll have to transact at least $100 to your Payoneer account, to have $25 bonus.

Today let’s observe how can you fill money to your Payoneer account.

You cannot exchange money to your Payoneer MasterCard from the local bank or credit card or from any debit card. Currently, there are two primary methods to add money to your card.

1. Receive Funds from Payoneer Supported Companies

Freelancers, Bloggers, and Affiliate Marketers can get money from the companies that Payoneer Payment Service support.

Below are a few popular organizations offering Payoneer funds.

Affiliate Networks: Shareasale, Commission Junction, Clickbank. Envato etc.

2. Using US Payment Service

This service allows Payoneer account holders to receive payments from US-based companies.

You don’t need to be an US citizen to get income from us-based companies like Amazon, Clickbank etc. All you have to do is, use ‘US Transaction Service’ of your account.

You can also include resources by making money through Payoneer Affiliate Program.

How to Earn Money Through Payoneer

Payoneer offers a great way to you to make easy money from their exciting Affiliate Program which is widely known as ‘Refer A Friend‘ program.

The most amazing thing about the affiliate program is, when anyone joins through your provided affiliate link, you will get $25 bonus. whenever he/she receives at least $100 in their payments, you’ll instantly get $25 reward. Of course, it is a win-win deal for you.

To sign up for the affiliate program, login to your account. Then click on ‘Refer a Friend’ button from the upper-right.

You will get your affiliate link in your landing page.

Currently increase your affiliate link throughout social networking accounts or your websites.

You can also earn money by working as a freelancer to Top Freelacing Website. There are a lot of works available there for Article Writer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, App Designer, Engineer, SEO Master, 3D Animator, Audio/Video Editor, Virtual Assisstant, Data Entry Operator, Copy-Paster etc.. Signup here at a top freelancing website, start earning and withdraw your payments to Payoneer Debit MasterCard, and get your $25 USD bonus too.
How to Withdraw Cash from Payoneer
You are able to withdraw Payoneer income to local MasterCard supported ATM or your local bank account.

Withdraw Cash to Local Bank
Let’s see how to withdraw Payoneer funds to local bank account.

Initially, you should send your bank account to Payoneer for approval. Follow these easy steps.

Login to your Payoneer account.

Under ‘Withdraw’ from main menu go to “My Bank Account”.

By entering Card CVV, Complete Card number, DOB and Payoneer Account Password. Password ensure your account ownership.

In the next page, enter your Bank name, Branch name, account number and banking account description.

You will be sent an email confirming your bank account by Payoneer.

When your account has been approved, you'll be able to withdraw money to your bank account.

Just follow these methods.

Login to your account and Under ‘Withdraw’ from main menu go to “My Bank Account”.

Select your Bank account and enter amount to withdraw.

Click on ‘Continue’ key and verify your withdrawal.

Withdraw Money from a Local ATM

You can withdraw Payoneer income from your local ATM. Any ATM with MasterCard brand allows Payoneer Card. You'll be paid to your local currency.


Hope this article allows you to get a free Payoneer MasterCard.

Payoneer MasterCard is no doubt the best alternative to PayPal. Now, Payoneer is providing three free Bank Accounts from US, UK & EU to receive payment from any company of  these countries to your own country. So, why wait, just signup below and enjoy all the benefits of Payoneer (Debit MasterCard, $25 bonus and free Bank Accounts) by a single signup.

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