Health, Fitness, Weight Loss Tips: 30 Days Abs Challange 2017

 Here is a simple 30 Day Abs challenge to tone up your Abs and burn your stomach fats. I have collected this workout plan from the net and decided to design a poster for it. I personally have done this challenge and I would say that it really works for me.

As it does mention in the poster, you should consult your trainer or physiotherapist before starting this challenge to avoid any training injuries. Here is my own experience, I did a light version of this Abs challenge first, which started from the day 1 and finished on the day 15 only. Then I took a two day rest, and then I re-started the whole challenge from the beginning to the end (From the day 1 to day 30), so it technically took 45 days for me.

 Follow the instructions as above. Do the sit-ups, crunches, leg raises and planks in the order given, do take a 30 second/2 minute break in between each exercise. Don’t do it after having food.

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