Affordable SEO Services | Top 3 Guaranteed In Google Ranking

Affordable SEO Services

Are you looking for quality and affordable SEO services and top 3 guaranteed position in Google ranking or in other top search engines' ranking? Then you have come to the right place to get high quality backlinks from unique domain to rank or boost your keywords to top 3 of Google search.

Backlinks from high authority domains can only boost your ranking to major search engines. But, it should be done by legal methods as well as maintaining the guidelines provided by major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

On page optimization (setting the right title, meta description and keywords) is also necessary to boost your website ranking. Good quality content with appropriate keywords is also needed to rank your website to the top position of search engines.

Today I will show you a good SEO Service Place of 12 years old where you will get exclusive SEO services. Such as backlinks from high authority domains, top directory submission, top article directory submission, blog comment form high DA websites, high DA PBN (private blog network) backlinks, social bookmarking, high DA profile backlinks, .Edu and .Gov backlinks, high DA forum posting etc.

All works are Google's Latest Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird safe there. No footprints or unique IPs are used to create high quality backlinks. 100% money back guarantee is offered if you feel unsatisfied with their work.

So, why wait, get the unique, best and affordable SEO services within your budget today. Thousands of services are available there. Some reviews of excellent SEO services are given below to start your SEO campaign fast:

1. GOOGLE TOP 3 GUARANTEED - Only 3 Left for $549

High Quality Backlinks from 4000 unique domain  to boost your ranking as well as keywords to top 3 of GOOGLE. These backlinks are extremely strong from Authority Sites.

Best SEO Services

Best SEO Services

What makes our service so special?

    High DA – We uses High Domain Authority websites to ensure fresh and powerful línk juice to your website.
    Both  no-follow & do-follow backlínks – We use both types of backlinks for safe and natural link profile.
    100% Money Back Guarantee
    In-depth full report with login details
    Unique contents are being used to related to your keyword
    24/7 Customer support

What you Get In this Package?

High Quality Backlinks from 4000 Unique Domain.

Step 1.

1. 2000 Premium Backlinks Directly to your website (Dofollow + NoFollow)
2. 100 Web 2.0 blogs Links from private network
3. 80 links from 50+ Domain Authority

Step 2.

1. 120 links from 30+ Domain Authority
2. 1000 Premium backlinks to Tier 1 Links (Da 30-50)

Step 3.

1.4000 contextual backlinks from Article directories

2. 17650 Mix profiles backlinks from forum & social networks

Step 4.

1. Premium Indexer to Index links with 95% Crawl Rate.
2. Indexer 2 for creating tier 2 links
3. Secret Strategy

2. 1675+ TOTAL ORDERS - Powerful Latest Google Panda 4.2 UPDATE - SEO Package Professional Algorithm Organic White Hat SEO for $129

SEO Campaign is a Penguin/Panda friendly Multi-Tier strategy with very high quality manually created contextual posts' links making up the first tier backlinks that point directly to your website. After the project completion you will get detail reports.

Search Engine Submission, Forum Postings,  Directory Submission, WEB 2.0, Social Bookmarking,  etc...

★Search Engine Optimization Strategy – We will review your entire website history, your online competitor and will take a specific approach to optimize your website.

★Technical SEO Audit – As an SEO client, we will perform a full technical SEO audit for your website and we will look at every technical site error that might be happening with your website. And some of the issues of SEO we will definitely look at as part of the technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) audit included: sitemap, 301 redirect, duplicate content, broken link, 404 issues and much more!

★SEO Keyword Research – Extensive research of your niche and recommendations on which keyword and phrase will be most beneficial for your website to optimize and naturally related on each page of your website.

★SEO Keyword Selection – We will pick the most relevant keyword phrase for each page of your website, basically based on the content on each page.

★Content SEO Recommendations – A thorough examination of the existing content of your website and will naturally incorporate the selected keywords for the existing content throughout each backlink pointing to your site.

★Additional On Site SEO Optimization - If needed we will recommend you a new XML sitemap and will analyze the entire URL structure of your website.

★Dedicated SEO Specialist – When you will become a Chris Brown Preferred client you will receive our dedicated SEO Specialist. Your dedicated SEO Specialist will be the one doing all of the work on the onsite SEO phase.



PAGE 1 : 91,63%, PAGE 2 : 4,49%, PAGE 3 : 2,19%,

PAGE 4 : 1,10%, PAGE 5 :0,59% only .

Here is OUR SEO Package:

affordable seo

Why only choose us?
★White Hat Techniques
★Free Website Audit
★Free Keyword Analysis
★Strategic Planning
★Manual Submissions
★Keyword Position Report
★Dedicated Project Manager
★Genuine Site Submissions
★100% Client Satisfaction


Buy 3 Get 1 Free! Monthly Offer is available now!

600+ Positive Feedback, No Negative Feedback, 11000+ orders, 100% genuine improvement, Best investment indeed.

Many of you dream a position in Google’s Top 3 but are struggling with limited traffic, poor ranking and because of that no salesor leads come. This can be improved extremely through ordering our latest flag-ship: THE NEW ULTIMATE POWER SEO STRATEGY PACK (HV 1.2) with an extremely HIGH IMPACT and POSITIVE RESULTS!

SuvoSEO is always here to help you to boost your website visibility and ranking. I am an expert Level X3 Seller with 1000+ satisfied customers and with 100% positive feedback.

What we will actually do for you when you order this package NEW BULLET PROOF POWER SEO STRATEGY PACK (HV 1.2) – EXTREME HIGH IMPACT, is an extremely refined and  balanced set of tested and secured steps that are fully Google animals' SAFE. Your website is SAFE with this extremely unique pack. You will have here the full benefits for your business.

What is in this super-pack? 

1. 10 Web 2.0 Feeding Sites also called Buffer sites, each of them will be created manually

2. 40+ PR3-9 High PR Quality Profile Links, also each of them will be created manually

3. 15+ Niche related Blog Posts, all will be created manually

4. 100+ PBN (Private Blog Network) Posts. (Important details: I own all the blogs. That means that I guarantee all these posts and the links will stay for at least one year after completing this order

5. I will manually submit to all feeding sites and to 25 social bookmarking websites

6. 5000+ Tier 3 SEO Optimized backlinks from social bookmarks

7. FREE quality indexing service for all created links, which means that you will not have to wait until the Google search engine crawls the whole new information.

All of the work will be done 100% manually by my highly dedicated and specialized SEO Team members, thus quality is assured for your site!


Step 1: As soon as you will place your order, we will start tracking your site and create 10 manually Feeding sites. Feeding sites are also called Buffer sites. These feeding sites are from High PR web 2.0 Authority websites. The contents of these websites can be changed if necessary.
All Feeding sites will be from High PR Web.2 0 authority websites (PR 5-9).
They contain High Quality Content and are Posted most Frequently on High Authority sites.
And to finalize the 1st step, we will Index all these sites.

Step 2: We will create manually 40+ High PR (2-9) Profile links that will point to all the feeding websites. These links help tremendously in ‘passing the link juice’ around all of the backlinks.
PR9 20+ web 2.0 Domain Profile backlinks
PR8 10+ web 2.0 Domain Profile backlinks
PR2-7 10+ web 2.0 Domain Profile backlinks
Each and every link will be connected with your feeding sites randomly.

Step 3: I will create 15 Niche related Blog Posts on my own Niche Blog Network (NBN)
Each blog I have that only contains the targeted Niche’s blog posts, with 100% quality contents.
All post will be included with active clickable backlinks to your feeding sites, randomly selected.
Blogs on High PR Quality Domains
Unique contents

Step 4: 100 Blog Posts on our PBN (Private Blog Network) websites.
I am offering the only best value blog network service on Seoclerks. I have a large private blogs network of web 2.0 platforms, such as Tumblr, Wordpress,  Livejournal etc.

I will create an article related to your keyword and will rewrite it then submit it to this private blog network.

Each post will contain at least one link. If you want, you can also provide the article or I will create it for free, completely Google animal safe.

Step 5: I will manually submit to all feeding sites and to 25 High PR social bookmarking sites.
We will manually submit your blog or website to high quality and extra powerful Top 25 social bookmarking websites with High Page Rank (PR8 – PR2) like -PR8, - PR8, - PR8, - PR8, - PR7, - PR7, - PR7, - PR7, etc.

Submitting MANUALLY is our best guarantee that your website will be bookmarked correctly and gets indexed by Google and the other major search engines.

Manual submission of your website to numerous social bookmarking sites is definitely an effective and fruitful way of getting targeted traffic as well as directs visitors to your business website. Manual SEO  submission is the genuine and also the most effective method to get your website indexed in major search engine like Google. 

Above all of those method already working as TIER 2, as a part of your NEW ULITMATE POWER SEO


Step 6: I will build 5000+ Tier 3 Search Engine Optimized Social Bookmark backlinks of Web 2.0. Backlinks and Social Networks will be pointed to all Tier 2 links.

All of your TIER 2 backlinks will be successfully submitted to over 1200 different social bookmarking websites. You receive an active and powerful backlink from each website.

Step 7: Unfortunately, we are unable to share this step with anybody. As it is highly confidential, but an extremely effective method in achieving the desired results. Please, do understand that this step is for the benefit of our valued customers only.

 4. RANK OR REFUND V2 - Google Ultimate Ranking Solution By EliteX for $70 


And an EliteX-SEO Is Here To Do That Happen Only For You!


[2017 September Update]

After The Success of our Version 1 of The "RANK OR REFUND SEO SERVICE". We have updated this service to V2 and added more juicy Backlinks from profiles for more DIVERSITY, FAST RANKINGS WITH REFUND GUARANTEE.


Orders Completed So Far in Version 1 = 175+
Clients which have got full Refund Due = 6

Are You Guys Talking About Google's 1st Page Ranking ?

No, we are talking about your KEYWORD IMPROVEMENT FROM CURRENT POSITIONS. It can be on 1st page or 2nd etc. based upon your keyword competition and keyword difficulty.

What I Need To Get Started ?

1 URL and upto 5 Keywords
This Service is basically designed for Low To Medium Competition Keywords. Although You can provide me your Difficult Competition Keywords For your SEO Diversification, in this case you may get a good result, but no guarantee will be provided in that case.

Is This Really Truth, Are you Guys Giving Guarantee?
Yes, We are Indeed giving you Guarantee.

Okay, What if you guys Failed to Rank My Keywords?
We Will Definitely Refund You.

Do you Provide Tier2 Backlinks Report?
Yes, All Full Report Will Be Provided.

What Are You Waiting For? Order The Service Get The Result. No Risk INVOLVE

5. Jump your SELF UP to Top Of Google with Help of Our Strong High Quality Link Pyramid. for $42

➥ Everyone wants to remain in Top of all search engine. If you want to remain in top too. We may definitely help you. We will make a jump of your website to ⇒​ 1st page of Google with the help of Our High Quality Strong Pyramid Backlinks.

➥ 100% safe from all the Google algorithm ( eg: Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird )

➥ After using this exclusive service you will see the huge improvement in your website ranking. Many sellers will offer you their low quality backlinks service, but still your site ranking is poor. Anyway, don't worry. We will deliver you High Quality Backlinks with maximum improvement in your site.

What is Link Pyramid?

The backlink pyramid is one of the first backlinkin strategies to be developed ever since the Google began placing value on backlinks. Backlink pyramid is very easy to implement as well as easy to explain and useful in many ways.

Boost Your Ranking With Super All In SEO Package for $40
Boost Your Website Ranking With Super All In SEO Package with safely. Get quality links at a fair price and boost your ranking. We are now Google and HubSpot certified and top rated seller Level X here.

Introducing our Super All In SEO Package which gives you 3 tier quality links in a Pyramid structure.

A typical backlinks' pyramid will have three tiers:

➤ Tier 1
➤ Tier 2
➤ Tier 3

and we also give you the three tiers.

3 tier backlinks for SEO

( Tier 1 ) Report Provides

1) 25 Web 2.0
2) 10 Links From World popular sites ( Eg : Amazon , Google, Apple, Wordpress )
3) 25 Angela Profile Links

4) 60 Dofollow Blog Comments
5) 30 Social Bookmarking
6) 60 Niche Related Links ( All Pages is 100% Related to your Niche )
7) 500 Wiki Site Links 

( Tier 2 ) Report Provides

1) 250 Wiki Site Links ( for Web 2.0 ) ➨ we will use your keywords for these Wiki links.
2) 250 Wiki Site Links ( for Angela Profile Links ) ➨ we will use your keywords for these Wiki
3) 100 Wiki Site Links ( for World popular sites ) ➨ we will use your keywords for these Wiki links.

( Tier 3 ) Report Provides

5000 Blog Comments for the 350 Wiki Links

➢ ➢ What we actually Provide you

Web 2.0 is a kind of term that describes the changing of trends in the use of WWW (World Wide Web) technology and Web design that merely aim to enhance creativity and secure information sharing, improve the functionality of the Web and increase collaboration.

And in the Web 2.0 we provide

High PR Authority web 2.0 properties,
25 Web 2.0 With 100% Unique Article

100% Manual work,

Relevant image with link,
Google Panda, Hummingbird update friendly and will always safe.

Angela Backlinks has long been known as the #1 source for PR6-9 backlinks. Let us build the most powerful backlinks to your web properties to give your website a boost in the search engine's results page.

The importance of an Angela profile links for SEO are:
Google and the other major search engines now rate the quality of backlinks.
And we will provide you 100% High Quality of Backlinks that are manually done.
Websites with high page rankings (PR 6-9)

100% Safe from Google All Updates.(Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird)

6. Will Shoot Your Site Into TOP Google Rankings With My All-In-One High PR Quality Backlinking Package for $19 

Diversify Your Website's Link Building Strategy. Check below the Strategy:

Searching For Highest Quality of Backlinks???? Then, Just Hit The Order Now Button. Exclusive On Seoclerks. We Will Create 160+ Variety Of High DA/PR Backlinks (including) PR8 To PR1 Root Domains' Backlinks. +PR3 To PR6 Actual High PR Backlinks.

We will create only diversified 160+ live backlinks on different online platforms for your website. Most of them will be Dofollows with nice mixture of Nofollows links. All links are good and safe.

We Will Boost Your Ranking to TOP 1 on Google With NUCLEAR SEO Package for $20

★ Welcome To Our New Branded offer ★ Top Rated Level X3 Seller ★ Guaranteed Results ★

★ Nuclear SEO Package ★

Are you looking for a real and unique SEO service for your websites's promotion? Don't need to pay thousands of dollars to the SEO companies. This service does not waste your effort, time,  and money. This SEO service provides real time results. We understand very well that you need TOP ranking in major search engines for your keywords.​

200-250 Unique and Quality Backlinks (DA up to 99, PR up to 9, Low OBL)
Full Ping, Index, Crawl, RSS Services.

100% NO SPAM (We can GUARANTEE You The Safety & Improvement)

PR is dead. No problem, because All of domains' PR have been checked before PR was dead.
This service is completely unique, so you will never find similar service there!

UPDATE: We have changed PDF link to GOV Contextual link for more boosting! The GOV backlinks come from the government site which has almost perfect DA (Domain Authority).

Service Privacy Policy Of Use:

1. This service is for the Google, Yahoo, Bing,  search engines. But, you can also use this service for Facebook fans page, YouTube video, Vimeo video, Twitter page,  Press Release.

2. Non-English languages are Accepted.

3. We do not accept escort, porn, betting, hacking, gambling, cracking.

4. We would love to give you our guarantee. Please note that first page is not a guarantee. The guarantee is the improvement in SERP.

5. Your site needs to be perfectly optimized for your chosen keywords in order to get rank high in the search engines.

6. Every Order will take almost 6 days to complete. However, the results are worth the wait! Please Note that High-Medium-Low PR, PA, DA,  is for the domain only (not for the page).

7. If You aren't sure for your targeted keywords, you can contact us and we will help you to research keywords for Free!

8. We only allow you to give us 1 URL and 1-6 keywords for every campaign for the best results.

Promo: Buy 3 And Get 1 For Free!

Conclusion of my reviews on affordable SEO service
I hope that the reviews of the above SEO services will surely help you to buy any or multiple services as well as gain top ranking on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. I have given just a few reviews here from that SEO service website, but there are thousands of SEO services also available. You can buy only backlinks' packages there too; eg: High DA PA directory submission, High DA PA article directory submission, guest posting to High DA PA blog or to PBN networks, blog comment to High DA PA blog, High DA PA social media bookmarking, High DA PA profile backlinks, High DA PA forum posting etc.

One thing you should keep in your mind that Google has closed its page rank algorithm. Now, you can judge any website with its DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). Check DA and PA of any website here.

Note: If you not find any of the above services on that site after placing the order, just copy some initial words from the title of your desired service and paste on the search box of that website.

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