Drunk United passenger urinates on seatmate's leg

Drunk United passenger urinates on seatmate

A passenger on a Los Angeles to Newark United flight  is suing United Airlines, claiming that a heavily intoxicated passenger urinated on his leg while sitting next to him, according to Fox News.

The passenger, Daniel Card, was on United flight 1871, traveling back to New Jersey from LAX. According to Fox, as the five-hour flight prepared for take off to EWR, Card alleges that the inebriated passenger next to him on row 24 "took out his penis and aimed it at Card and proceeded to urinate all over Card's leg while he was confined to his seat due to an imminent departure of the flight." Apparently, the passenger then passed out in his seat. 

News of the unsolicited golden shower was first reported by Courthouse News.

Fox says that Card tried to wake up the passenger, but was unable to, so he alerted the flight crew. According to the lawsuit, the crew initially refused his request to move to another seat, but eventually moved him from the urine-soaked seat. He then had to endure the rest of the flight to Newark (5+ hours) in urine-drenched clothing.

Source: sfgate

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