An Introduction to iPhone and Its Pros and Cons 2017

An Introduction to iPhone

iPhone the member of Smartphone families was first introduced by Apple Inc. on the 29th June 2007 with lot of promises of modern-device facilities by Steve Jobs. It was then named as “iPhone” the first release from the Apple’s iPhone series. The iPhone was made with touchscreen instead of traditional keypads and advanced features like computer, but without GPS, third-party apps and video recording as promised.

But, in later years it is being developed and equipped with more exciting modern features like 4G network, HD quality photo and video recording, front camera, anti-theft system, high quality audio downloads from Apple’s own iTune store, hi-speed processor, big data storage, 5.5 inch large 3D touch screen, water-resistant, long battery life, durable aluminum case, Apple Mapping by Google, app downloads from Apple’s won Apps’ store etc..

Though the iPhone has smart looking and good to use with its entire modern features, we like to share some pros and cons of it.

Pros of iPhone:
The iPhone has a huge storage of 256 GB which is beneficial to store movies, songs, family videos and other important large files as a backup.

The dimensions of iPhone are 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm (5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28 in) and its weight is 138 g (4.87 oz). This is why it looks like a sleek gadget. The iPhone’s display is a LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors. We can use our bare fingers on its virtual keyboard to interact with the screen of iPhone.

Web browsing, email and Wi-Fi or GSM / CDMA / HSPA / EVDO / LTE connectivity, and the most important services powered by an internet connection are available in the iPhone. Safari web browser is installed to browse on the iPhone.

A super quality audio system has been incorporated inside the iPhone. Shows and Endless films can be watched on the iPhone. iTunes Store is available to download old and latest songs very easily. YouTube videos are also available in the iPhone.

World’s No.1 camera function is available in iPhone. The 12 MP, f/1.8, 28mm, phase detection autofocus, OIS, quad-LED (dual tone) flash camera with super quality of pictures is really awesome. The user can view, upload, and e-mail photographs of his choice.

The user has the full independence to choose, customize and create a super quality ring tone of choice. One can download any ring tone of his choice from the iTunes store.

Cons of iPhone:
The first disadvantage of iPhone is its price which is so high and not affordable to all people; especially, how are in middle class in our society. The south Asian people are too poor to buy an iPhone.

In compare with cost to other android smartphones like Xiaomi, Huawei which has tremendous advantages and facilities the iPhone’s price is higher than these.

Many users expected to have IR (infrared) blasters in iPhone to use as a remote control, but it lacks the facility which the other smartphones are offering now a day.

iPhone designed for America and European people is useless in Asian and African countries for its locking features. But, you can use any smartphone manufactured in those region to other countries of the world.

Though, it has some cons or disadvantages, iPhone are the first and dreamt choice of every people of the world. Every time whenever a new iPhone is launched Apple sells more than 250,000 iPhones within a day worldwide.

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  1. The greatest for iPhone is that, they don't track you crazily like android does.