Browse Anonymously Through Top Best Free VPN Sites of 2018

Top Best Free VPN Sites

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a kind of secret service through which you can anonymously and safely access into the internet. When it is time to protect your website data, having free VPN sites are crucial. However, no one wants to pay for this kind of VPN sites. Fortunately, for those of us who want free VPN service with premium benefits, there are few VPN websites that offers a lot of within the free service.

There are many advantages of using free VPN service. Apart from the key benefit of protecting your online privacy and activity, free VPN sites are a great way to simplify yourself into the latest technology at no extra cost. In this way, one can become familiar with the free service and once one found how unbelievably suitable it is, one can then search for a paid version of VPN websites that belongs the same advantages minus the annoying or worse downsides of the free sites.

Now, I will discuss about some free VPN sites that offer few extra benefits like the premium one.

1. ExpressVPN

While not whole is free, Express VPN’s 30 day money back guarantee is a great way for those who are just starting with VPN technology and want to simplify themselves in with a fantastic service!

Benefits of ExpressVPN site:

    Fastest and durable VPN, matched with all devices
    Get fast access into Netflix
    User friendly and very easy to download
    All great option for the traveller
    Connect to more than90+ countries worldwide
    Fully refundable if you are not satisfied!

Downsides of ExpressVPN site:

    No option for a total free service

2. TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN is the ultimate in the ‘VPN services for beginners’. It is no doubt the most user friendly in the entire VPN market, although its free subscribing is limited to only 500 MB of visitors each month.

Benefits of TunnelBear site:
    No data logging or IP
    Works on PC, Mac, Android and iPhone
    When you tweet about TunnelBear, it offers an extra 500MB per month
    User Friendly
    Suitable for light video streamers and downloaders

Downsides of TunnelBear:

    The monthly data limit of 500MB is very frustrating
    Only few advanced settings

3. Hide.Me VPN:

This is a Malaysian based VPN provider that has 28 servers spread across the 22 countries and is very popular.
    Offers Guaranteed security service with Open VPN encryption
    Very fast connection speed
    Have 2GB limit for each month data usage
    Ideal for unlocking some websites with privacy in public hotspots

Downsides of Hide.Me VPN:
    Limitation of Data use

4. Betternet VPN:

BetterNet is very simple in use, and thus become one of the most popular free VPN sites for the first-timer. Its “free-forever” promise means that you can use its VPN service for as long as you can with no data caps.
    There is No logging policy
    The “Free-forever” policy – you can use its VPN service for as long as you can
    No data caps indeed
    Available for Windows, Android, Mac, Firefox and Chrome

    One of the 10 worst services is for intercepting malware which contain a huge problem

Now you have a taste of the positive features of free VPN sites have offered, and enjoyed the most benefits in free service. But, you have to buy a premium service to get more fruitful juice from VPN service.

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