Learn, How To Download YouTube Playlist, The Easiest Way

How To Download YouTube Playlist

If you are new to YouTube or if you don’t know how to download YouTube playlist, then you have come to the right place. Before I go to the main topic, I like to disclose few things to you. There are so many ways to download YouTube playlist.

The First way is to use software on your desktop computer or laptop or Mac.

The second way is to use a standalone website like savefrom.net or keepvid.com etc.

And the third way is to download YouTube playlist through any YouTube apps like videoder.net, tubemate.net etc.

You can also download YouTube playlist using command prompt (cmd) on your computer system. In this way you don’t need any paid software or apps, you only requires to type some simple command to download YouTube playlist. But, it is not suitable for everyone, only expert level computer users can do this.

Now, I will discuss in full about how to download YouTube playlist. YouTube users generally sort video clips and usually group them into one thematic playlist. It helps them to watch those videos of own interest in one place at their convenient time. To download your desired YouTube playlist, you have to follow some simple steps.

1. At first download and then install the Free YouTube Downloader application by DVDVideoSoft. This application is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Download the Free YouTube Downloader application from below link:


There you will find a Paste button to paste your desired YouTube URL. There you will also find a selection of format and quality options and a Download button to start download. Format options are made for downloading YouTube video or playlist and thus convert it to MP3 or MP4.

2. In the second step choose the right playlist. Open the YouTube video channel in your browser and search a playlist of your choice that you want to download. You must look at to your browser address bar. All the YouTube playlists contain some appropriate parameters in its URL. You have just got it. Now follow the next step.

If you want more playlists on YouTube, just open the user’s channel of YouTube and go to “Playlists” option and select the playlist of your choice.

3. In the third step get your YouTube URL and copy it. There are several methods to copy the playlist link address. You can copy the playlist from your browser’s address bar, or click on the title of playlist and click on ‘Copy link address’, or click on the right button of your mouse on the video itself and highlight 'Copy Video URL'.  

Now open the Free YouTube Downloader application and paste the play list link. Your playlist will be automatically added to the download list. You have to repeat this method to add as many playlists as you need.

4. In the fourth step select the particular videos or new videos. For more information check the secret tips.

5. In the fourth step download your desired YouTube playlist. You have to wait for a while after clicking the download button. Be patient, because some playlist has large number of files. This YouTube Playlist Downloader is able to download thousands of videos without any disruption.

All videos or songs from every playlist will be automatically saved with its original file name to default Video folder of the application. I think you have comet to solution of how to download YouTube playlist. Now, enjoy your favorite videos with this amazing YouTube Playlist Downloader.

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