QO Code The Secured Information Storage System By Quickone

QO Code The Secured Information Storage

As the latest technology advances by leaps and bounds it has become very important than ever to secure all that information. Quickone QRcode act as a great way to quickly and easily identify people or businesses. But most QR Codes made by different companies has a lack of smooth synchronization, because its creation methods have made it so difficult for people or users to adapt the technology in the easiest way. QuickOne aims to change the whole game with QO Codes, a new universal approach to the old QR Code identification as well as new information storage.

It has made an international headline with announcement of Quickone Initial Coin Offering that is along with a newly developed QR Code technology known as QO Codes technology. QR Codes serve mostly one purpose and are everywhere of the world, to quickly identify the contact details of any business. QuickOne has taken the same technology and expanded it greatly by allowing it to be used for more than contact details, but for more purposes that can be applied for both business situations and personal use.

QuickOne QRcode newly developed and released as QO Code technology is highly expected to be adopted by many persons or businesses as a means of most secured information storage system as well as a smart payment gateway. Storing all information on the Blockchain method will allow everyone for a faster transaction whenever the consumer needs to retrieve it with such as extended warranties. Instead of waiting for months to receive correct warranty information, all of the relevant details will have been stored on the special Blockchain – a simple and easy scan of the QO Code will bring up all of the users and businesses information permitting for a streamlined and seamless, an approach to information sharing and retrieval.

QO is mainly aims to be the most authentication code of organizations and enterprises which will protect the trafficking of fake goods and counterfeiting brands by applying this most unique information identification technology by the QuickOne QRcode. It makes a convenient and quick way of identifying a legal company and then let it using the smart electronic payment gateway system via Qpay, which is mainly built into the QR Code system. QuickOne has introduced the Qpay, which is a secured payment system entrenched with the QO ecosystem. This technical blend of QR Codes and Blockchain technology have been combined for an ultra-secured payment system that sellers and users can trust.

QuickOne QRcode technology known as new QO Codes have jointly enabled the development of Qpay payment system, which is highly expected to become the No.1 digital payment system. This payment system generates light speed transactions, along with the ability to store and process 1 million transactions data per second. This transaction speed maintain a balanced power with flexibility of use, combined in an easy to operate QPay API Smart App. This QPay payment gateway has also opened up the kingdom of lending, creating another income stream for every investors in the QuickOne ICO Referral Program.

QuickOne is launching its new QO Codes system for secured payment on the 25th December of 2017. Now, enjoy the Qpay payment gateway with most secured QO Codes technology.

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