4 Simple Steps for Designing Your Hair Style

Designing Your Hair Style Sydney

Most people look to celebrities when they need a new hair style. Occasionally, this can be a disaster for some modern people. Hair styles aren’t a one size fits for all. There are many dissimilar issues that can make break a certain hair style form. For instance, consider your hair quality. If you belong a very thick hair, you do not want to pick a celebrity hair look that is for the people who have only thin hair. But, sometimes it can work, but most often you are in trouble for that hair style.

Another example of that, if you belong to a very frizzy hair style, you do not want to go with multiple short layers. The smaller your hair, the more the curled will be visible and the hair will be much tougher to control by hairdresser. So, finally, there has to be some judgment calls when you bring in your most favorite celebrity hair style’s photo to your hairdresser and say copy the style.

If you have a classic hairdresser, she or he may tell you right thing off that the style won’t work for you because of your hair quality, hair texture, etc. This is actually a good thing. If you take a picture of a medium length dark layered hair style photo of celebrity Jodie Foster to your hairdresser and say that you really want this look. Your hairdresser will tell you that the color choice is not proper for your skin natures and that your hair style contain a lot of layering (and you are complaining about your existing layering all over the salon). So, rather than give the exact hair style, he or she will give you a modified style and will add a few highlights that are more suitable for your skin nature. You will be very happy with the result.

At last, designing your hair style can be the only best way to get a satisfying hair style that works for your hair texture and skin natures. Here are four easy steps that can fit your hair design and look.

Firstly, start with the shape of your face. If you are a woman pull all the hair off your face side and stand in front of any mirror. Now, trace the shape of your face in the mirror with anything that is removable-i.e. dry erase marker or soap. Stand backward and look at the outline you have just drawn. What outline does it most resemble with? Circle, Oval, Rectangle, Inverted Triangle, Diamond or Heart.

Secondly, find out which celebrity have your face shape and then start looking at all the different hair styles options that celebrities are wearing.

Thirdly, write down one of the features of those hair styles you like most. Maybe you can choose the side swept bangs hair style from one celebrity and the long layering hair style from another. Make some copies of all those hair styles’ features that fit with your hair style.

Fourthly, go to your hairdresser with your notes and photos. Show your stylist what features you like and ask her/him to design a good-looking hair style for you according to those main features you like most.

The above four methods will help you choose the right hair style that match with your skin tone and the shape of your face.

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