DJI Company presented a unique miniature quadrocopter

unique miniature quadrocopter

He can fly over obstacles himself.

Company DJI has presented compact folding quadrocopter Mavic Air. It can accelerate to almost 70 kilometers per hour, and one battery charge is enough for 21 minutes of flight. Sales of the new drone will begin on January 28.

Almost all serial quadrocopters have a rigid frame with fixed shoulders. The drawback of such drones is that a lot of space is needed to transport and store them. In this regard, folding drones are much more convenient, but to make them stiff enough and easy are not easy, therefore large manufacturers have just recently started producing multi-copters of this design.

In September 2016, two well-known manufacturers presented folding quadrocopters: GoPro introduced its first drone Karma (it was recently announced that it would be the last), and DJI showed the Mavic Pro quadrocopter.

Now DJI has presented a new folding quadrupter Mavic Air. By its design, it resembles Mavic Pro, but the new drone is much smaller. In the unfolded state it has a size of 168 × 184 × 64 millimeters, and in the folded 168 × 83 × 49 millimeters. The maximum speed of the drone is 68.4 kilometers per hour, and the range of the transmitters reaches four kilometers. The manufacturer states that from one battery charge, a quadrocopter can fly for 21 minutes.

In the quadrocopter there is a camera with a three-axis suspension that can shoot 12-megapixel photos and 4K video with a frequency of up to 30 frames per second. Like the previous model, the new drone can automatically avoid obstacles and recognize hand gestures due to computer vision.

Quadrocopter will go on sale January 28, its cost will be from $ 799 depending on the configuration.

Source: telegraf

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