Experts named the main feature of the new iPad Pro

main feature of the new iPad Pro

Brazilian journalist Filipe Esposito reported an interesting find in the iOS 11.3 beta 1 code - there is mentioned a certain Modern iPad.

He decided that this is the designation of an iPad model that has not yet been released, which will receive a TrueDepth camera and a Face ID face detection system, as well as lose the "Home" button (like the iPhone X).

Of course, these are only assumptions, but they are based on the fact that in the beta versions of iOS 11 mentioned Modern iPhone, which eventually was released for sale as an iPhone X. From this we can conclude that the tablet, which is now codenamed Modern iPad , will inherit some features of the iPhone X.

If Apple really develops the tablet in the style of the iPhone X, it can get an OLED screen that occupies almost the whole front side, and a branded "bang" - a cutout for the camera and various sensors.Go to home page

Source: telegraf

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