How to prepare the body for swimming in the ice hole in two days

swimming in the ice hole

Epiphany is celebrated traditionally on January 19, this day is considered the end of the Svyatok period. On this day, water is sanctified, and people are bathing in ice holes.

No matter how holy the action of bathing in ice water on Epiphany, all the same doctors advise to begin training at least two days. And also adhere to certain rules during bathing.

We start preparing for 2 days
Begin preparing to dive into the ice hole doctors advised long - at least from August. But still most people remember at least some kind of training 2-5 days before the holiday.

First day

You should start with a contrast shower. Just before you do the exercise lasting 5-10 minutes. Then we begin tempering. The first two minutes we stand under a warm shower. Next, go to the cold, but gradually. We begin with a foot, then we pour out the calves, hands to the elbows, then the rest of the limbs. For the first time - that's all.

We wrap ourselves in a warm robe, put on socks and drink warm tea.

The procedure should be repeated 3-4 times a day, each time extending the duration of dousing with cold water and increasing the areas of the body that we pour.

Second day

January 18, it is necessary to increase the amount of time under cold water. And yet - it is desirable to stand under the shower completely: from the top to the heels. But here, too, is worth knowing. 

Doctors do not advise to stand for more than 5-7 minutes under water, which should be at least 15 degrees.

After full pouring with cold water, rub a warm towel, then put on a robe and socks.

Walruses with experience advise also on the second day to walk on the snow barefoot. But at this time you need to actively move.

On the day of Epiphany

January 19 came, the clergy dubbed a pond, prepared a special hole in the ice ... It would seem that you dive to yourself and that's it. But not the same. There must also be some preparation.

1. Check whether there are around the Ministry of Emergency Situations or doctors, who in case of anything can quickly help.

2. Listen to yourself: you really have an unshakable faith in the healing power of such diving.

3. It is advised to smear the body with fat, cream or oil before the swim to protect the capillaries in the upper layer of the skin.

4. Undress gradually. Removing each layer, you need to do some active exercises: then poprised 20 times, then jump on the spot. We need to keep warm in the clothes in which we stand. And so down to the bathing suit. Shoes take off the last.

5. And now - we dive. But still - not with the head. Doctors advise to limit the first swim in 10-15 seconds, not more. After all, this cold is always a stress for the body.

6. We leave from the ice-hole and quickly rubbed ourselves with a towel, we dress warm clothes and drink warm tea.

Important! Under no circumstances should you drink alcohol - not before diving, nor immediately after. The maximum that doctors allow is a little warm mulled wine or a few sips of cognac 15 minutes after diving. Not earlier!

Who should not bathe in Epiphany?

There are such groups of the population that doctors forbid swimming in the hole even at Baptism.

Should not be doing that:

• people with heart and vascular disease;

• with chronic diseases of the genitourinary, respiratory and nasopharyngeal systems in a state of remission;

• with a temperature above 37 degrees under any circumstances;

• pregnant;

• with disabilities of the endocrine system and thyroid gland diseases

• epileptics and people with convulsive diseases;

• with any illness in an acute condition;

• with conjunctivitis or glaucoma;

• with tuberculosis;

• with diabetes mellitus.

In the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, it is strongly recommended that a few days before diving visit your doctor for an examination.

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