Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Budapest does not support Ukraine's Eurointegration

Budapest will not support the European aspirations of Kiev, while they are "violated" by European and international law.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto said that Hungary will not facilitate the NATO-Ukraine meeting at the level of defense ministers.

He stated this after meeting with the Chairman of the Society of Hungarian Culture in Transcarpathia and People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vasily Brenzovich, Radio Liberty writes. Siyarto said that the position of Hungary, as before, remains unchanged: Budapest will not support the European aspirations of Kiev, while they are "violated" by European and international law.

Hungary fears new restrictions on minority rights in Ukraine
Hungary fears new restrictions on the rights of ethnic minorities in Ukraine Read more ...
According to Siyarto, Hungary is ready for consultations and concluding agreements with Kiev on the issue of the law on education, but only if their content coincides with the interests and desire of the Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia. The Minister noted that the official Budapest continues to consider the law on the formation of Ukraine as such that it is allegedly directed against international and European norms, bilateral agreements and the basic treaty between Hungary and Ukraine.

According to Siillarto, this all coincides with the expectations of the European Union, according to which, the rights already obtained by national minorities can not be selected. The minister added that since the decision was taken by the Venice Commission, no consultations were held between the Ukrainian government, the Hungarian government and representatives of the Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia. He stressed that in Budapest "with alarm" are watching for further consideration in the Verkhovna Rada of bills, which, in his opinion, discriminate the rights of national minorities.

Siyarto said that preliminary work has already begun on the preparation of the law on secondary education in Ukraine, but there have been no consultations with Hungary and Transcarpathian Hungarians about this. The Law "On Education" came into force on September 28, the language provisions of which (Article 7 on the language of education in Ukraine) caused concern in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Greece and Bulgaria.

A new law in Ukraine introduces a 12-year secondary education, the language of the educational process in educational institutions is the state language - Ukrainian. According to the law, persons belonging to national minorities are guaranteed the right to study in public institutions for education, along with the state language of the respective national minority.

This right is realized through classes (groups) with instruction in the language of the corresponding national minority along with the state language. On December 8, the Venice Commission issued a conclusion, according to which it recommended that the Ukrainian authorities balance the provisions of the language article.

The Ministry of Education and Science proposed three options for the implementation of Art. 7 of the Law "On Education" regarding the language of instruction in Ukraine, which will be spelled out in the law "On General Secondary Education". The corresponding bill will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada for consideration in the spring.

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