In France the Rhine and the Seine emerged from the coast

In France the Rhine and the Seine emerged

In Paris, some streets, tunnels were flooded, the public transport movement was partially stopped, and in Strasbourg the local authorities made a decision on the controlled flooding of the territories.

In 23 departments of France due to rising water levels in the reservoirs declared orange (the penultimate of the four) level of danger, French meteorologists said.

"Until Friday, the water level in the Seine can reach its peak and reach 6.1 meters.The water in the Seine rose to such a level for the last time in June 2016," the local authorities in Paris informed.

Due to flooding, a number of roads and auto tunnels have been blocked in Paris, traffic has been stopped on one of the branches of the train, some sights are closed to visit, in particular the swan island near the Eiffel Tower.

The mayor's office warned residents about the possible flooding of the cellars due to the rise of groundwater.

In the east of the country as a result of downpours and melting snow from the banks of the Rhine came out. To avoid the devastating effects of the elements, south of Strasbourg was flooded polder, the area of ​​which is 600 hectares.

Residents were warned that the situation in the area could worsen and called for caution.

Source: telegraf

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