Indian hits Rs 21 crore jackpot in UAE lottery

Indian hits Rs 21 crore jackpot

It was third-time lucky alright for UAE-based Indian Hari Krishan, who won 12 million dirham (roughly Rs 20.8 crore) on his third attempt at the Abu Dhabi international airport's 'big ticket' lottery this weekend. The business developer first thought the calls about his win were a prank.

"I overlooked the first couple of calls... But later, when some radio stations and mediapersons started calling me, I asked my wife to check the lottery website, just in case. And she said we had actually won. We are still in disbelief," Hari said over the phone from Abu Dhabi.

He is yet to decide how he would like to utilise the prize money, which he will receive on February 5. "I had purchased the 500 dirham ticket twice before. There were no real expectations about this one, but with God's grace I turned out to be lucky. I'm thinking I'll use the money for my post-retirement expenses and my kid's education," he said. Hari, one of eight siblings in an Alappuzha-based family, will be visiting his hometown on Friday.

Source: timesofindia

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