Nutritionists have suggested how to lose weight lovers of sweet

 lose weight lovers of sweet

If a person's daily diet is saturated with carbohydrate and high-calorie foods, even if he is physically active, he will not get rid of excess weight.

Diet, not sports is the main means of losing weight, said Professor Philippe Stanforth of the University of Texas. Dr. Stanforth said that physical exercises are only an auxiliary factor in the process of losing excess weight. The real tangible slimming effect can only give a correction of the usual nutrition, he noted.

"To burn the calories from eating a chocolate bar Snickers, you need to go 8 kilometers. It's easier to refrain from eating chocolate, than spend a lot of time and energy on walking," the professor said.

A number of studies show that keeping weight gained from weight loss is much easier after the diet, and not after a course of debilitating exercise, the expert added. In many cases of neglected obesity, according to Stanforth, sport is almost useless, as it gives only marginal results.

At the same time, the power setting is not just effective for everyone - it can give the desired effect quickly.

"In a fairly short period of time, it is possible to significantly reduce body weight if you remove high-calorie foods saturated with fast carbohydrates from your daily diet," the scientist says.

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