Scientists on the satellite of Saturn have found lakes and seas

satellite of Saturn have found lakes and seas

On the surface of one of Saturn's satellites, Titan has mountains, lakes and seas.

This makes the satellite the only, except the Earth, cosmic body in the solar system, on the surface of which there is liquid. This is stated on the NASA website.

According to the Cassini apparatus, the chemical composition of the liquid on Titan differs markedly from the composition of water in terrestrial bodies of water: the lakes and seas of the satellite consist mainly of ethane (76-79%), propane (7-8%) and methane (5 -10%).

However, astronomers succeeded in discovering the great similarity of the seas on Titan and Earth. The data obtained by the Cassini radar probe a few months before it was burnt in the atmosphere of Saturn, the scientists found that the three seas on Titan (Ligei, Kraken and Pung) have a common equipotential surface.

This means that they form a common sea level, as the seas and oceans of the Earth do. And this is because there is a fluid communication between them or through the subsurface layer, or by means of channels connecting the seas.

Also, scientists have found that smaller reservoirs-lakes on Titan-also combine beneath the surface and have a common volume of liquid.

"We do not see any empty lakes that are below the filled lakes, because if they are below this level they will be filled in. This means that there are canals under the surface and the lakes are connected to each other," note authors of the work.

Source: telegraf

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