Trump accused Russia of helping North Korea

Trump accused Russia helping North Korea

Donald Trump said that Russia is helping North Korea bypassing sanctions.

US President Donald Trump said that Russia is helping North Korea bypassing international sanctions.

He said this in an interview with Reuters.

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"Russia does not help us at all with North Korea," Trump said.

According to him, China is helping the US on the issue of the DPRK, and Russia is leveling these actions.

The US president called North Korea the main international problem.

He also expressed doubts about the usefulness of negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong-no.

South Korea insists on full denuclearization of the DPRK

"I will sit with him at the negotiating table, but I'm not sure that this will solve the problem," Trump said, noting that the talks with Pyongyang led by previous US administrations could not contain the development of North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.

Trump refused to answer the question of whether he was in touch with the leader of the DPRK, with whom he had exchanged public insults and threats in the past.

Recall: last year North Korea carried out six nuclear tests, and also tested several intercontinental ballistic missiles, which caused criticism from the world community. In this regard, the UN Security Council has several times extended sanctions against North Korea.

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