Trump declared his readiness to receive migrants "from everywhere"

Trump declared receive migrants

The phrase "dirty holes" that has become a commonplace has forced Donald Trump to make a new statement on migrants.

After the scandal with the statement of President of the United States Donald Trump about the country - "dirty holes", where large numbers of migrants go to America, the head of the White House said that he was ready to receive them from everywhere.

He said this on Tuesday, during a press conference in the Oval Office with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

"I want them (migrants - ed.) To come from everywhere," stressed President Trump in response to a question whether he really would like to see in the US from countries such as Norway.

As previously reported, during one of the meetings last Thursday in the White House, the American president allowed himself an insulting remark in relation to countries where, in his opinion, a significant part of migrants arrives in the US. In particular, the head of the White House called them "dirty holes".

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His statement caused a critical reaction from many countries, as well as the UN. In addition, serious indignation arose also within the political establishment of Washington. In particular, the congressman from the Democratic Party, El Greene, said that he plans to put the resolution on the impeachment of the current US president to vote.

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