Chips down: China aims to boost semiconductors as trade war looms

China aims to boost semiconductors

BEIJING (Reuters) - China has long pushed the development of top-end semiconductors as a key strategic objective.

Now, as a trade war with the United States looms, a government decision to accelerate the development of the domestic chip industry underlines how far those goals have fallen short.

Senior Chinese officials are increasingly concerned about stalling efforts to improve domestic chip design, seen as critical after a series of failed outbound deals, according to two industry insiders familiar with the matter.

Closing the quality gap with U.S. chipmakers has become a matter of urgency in Beijing.

Senior government officials met this week to discuss how to speed up chip development in light of brewing trade tensions with the United States, Reuters reported on Thursday.

China has made chip development a key plank of its Made in China 2025 drive to bolster its strength in technology against more developed rivals in the United States, Japan and Europe. The government wants local chips to make up at least 40 percent of China’s semiconductor needs by the middle of the next decade.

However, Chinese chipmakers are struggling to hit key targets, industry insiders say.

Source: Reuters

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