Introducing with Chemical Fertilizers of 2018

Introducing with Chemical Fertilizers

There is no way to argue that, good seeds begets good harvests; at the same time, it will be better to keep in mind that, fertilizers are also very important to ensure a good harvest. There are many fertilizers in the market out there and different fertilizers are used as different purposes. Let’s know about some of the common types of fertilizers:

1. Ammonium sulphate: Ammonium sulphate is a highly used fertilizer and an inorganic soil supplement all over the world. It is a perfect fertilizer for alkaline soils and if they are applied in proper way ensuring proper time and amount, it will ensure a good outcome. On the other hand, if the fertilizer is applied in an improper way, it can cause severe damage to the soil, seeds and plants as well.

2. Sodium Nitrate: Sodium Nitrate is another inorganic fertilizer which is a compound of Sodium, Nitrogen and oxygen.  Due to the elements present in the soil of many Asian countries, Sodium Nitrate is highly used in these countries. The most interesting thing regarding sodium nitrate is that, they not only make the soil fertile but also adds nutrients to the young plants directly and indirectly.

3. Urea: In many countries of the world, Urea is used as a good alternative for ammonium sulphate. Its chemical name is carbamide which is a combination of Carbon, oxygen, Nitrogen and hydrogen. As all these elements are very important to make the soil fertile, they are vastly used all over the world.

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4. Ammonium nitrate: Ammonium Nitrate is a white crystal and a very essential fertilizer for the soil. Ammonium Nitrate is less intense urea and results in fewer side effects when it is applied in an improper way. As, Ammonium Nitrate leaves very little amount of nitrogen in the air, it is less harmful to the soil and the environment as well.

5. Ammonia: Ammonia is a very effective fertilizer for the soil where maize and wheat are cultivated. As the uses of ammonia are very limited, it is not that much used all over the world. The most important thing regarding ammonia is that, Maize and wheat producing countries’ economy is vastly depend on regular supply of Ammonia; so, you can definitely understand its effectiveness.

6. Potash: Potassium is a very essential element of soil and it is fully present in Potash fertilizer. The best result can be ensured if potash is mixed and applied with some other organic and inorganic fertilizers. Potash is highly used all over the world because it doesn’t lead to any harm for soil, seeds, plants and the environment.

There is no doubt that, fertilizers are very essential for having a good harvest. But, at the same time, the farmers should be aware of the right method of applying fertilizers. A silly mistake while applying fertilizer can be very devastating and may lead to much unexpected outcome at the end of the season.

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