Review of Top 20 B2B Websites of the World - 2018

Review of Top 20 B2B Websites of  the World - 2018

1. Website:

USA Exporters aids you with a platform where you can look for exporters of USA that are in search of new business approaches all over the world. In order to be a part of USA Exporters, you have to be enlisted in their database with company details. USA exporters possess a huge database of about 19,000 exporting companies staying within the USA including more than 3500 pages of catalogs. All the subscribed members may have the provision of unlimited data usage for 12 months time period.

All the inquiries are performed through priority basis and attempted to be satisfied within 24 hours of time. If you are looking for any particular service in the USA then you can simply send us an email and we can serve you with best possible dealers.  The information that the USA Exporters holds in the CD ROM regarding various companies are company details, website url, contact person, available products and services, and catalog snapshots. It possesses vibrant search engine along with simple and handy software (based on windows), and for the first time all the USA exporters in one CD ROM. You can request a copy of CD ROM in the inquiry and they will find out the best possible solutions for you.  

2. Website: is moving with a concurrent approach to confine a large area of eCommerce opportunities of global trading. Their aim is to facilitate all the information, applications, and opportunities in all areas of global trade industry. About 8 million SMEs (both small and mid size entrepreneurs) are surviving in the current global market with a combination of producers, wholesalers, distributors, importers, exporters, shipping agents and investors. Each of them is somehow connected to the global network to make the global trading successful. Focusing about $12.8 Trillion online market area, the website possesses easy to use interface along with Web 2.0 alliance and latest engineering techniques. 

The website represents a wide range of industrial sectors running the operation in a maximum secured mode. More than 99 different types of industries from about 100 countries worldwide can utilize this site for absolute information and techniques in terms of global trading business. Even some eCommerce training can also be done upon request. This website is the entrance of 5 qualified GTCCs (Global Trade Cyber Communities) who need some certification of qualifications to get the membership access. These qualified GTCCs may apply their social networking and engineering techniques in building global trading service. 

3. Website: is the most recent creations (internet based) of B2B communication. With this media, world trading becomes much easier. This is a global network for all the small and large retailers and wholesalers worldwide. More than 1 million exporters and importers are being facilitated through this website. No matter if you are an exporter or importer, here some options will be available for you. You may get seller and buyer platforms in separate pages with necessary details like product category, company name, price details, mode of payment etc. In the search option, you can search via product category wise, country wise or even buyer/seller offer wise. Any type of posting like buying/selling leads, product pricing offers are absolutely free. 

You can even follow them on Facebook, get regular updates and share with others. You can set options for whatever languages you are comfortable with. You may first need to become a member of this site. Registration and further login are absolutely free. You may get buying or selling offers of almost everything that is available on this earth. Even you can search for offers alphabetically. You may also utilize this site for advertisement. Learn about growing your business via subscribing at

4. Website:

Set up in 2nd April, 1997, according to the report of, is a kind of different online based service provider, for example, it provides IT solutions, graphic design, web design, advertising, marketing, computer graphics, internet marketing, web development, programming, web promotion, database & software development etc. is also known as an Armenian web directory and a B2B and B2C website. The aim of this company is to provide an e - business solution to Armenian market and create business solutions to Armenian companies. All the latest technology and products are available here for total customer support. not only provides business solutions but also provides travel and tour services to the Armenian people. It is currently operating its business through worldwide and in two languages, English and Russian. It is also operating two website Arbert biz/trade directory for B2B & B2C resources such as local and foreign companies and their businesses. The other is a B2B directory where more than 3000 Armenian and worldwide B2B service providers are enlisted. The business database contains information of both Armenian and other foreign companies. All the local and foreign information is categorized in a very good manner so that one can find any information easily.

5. Website:

Established in 31st October, 2010, is an Indian B2B website or business directory, where people can find a business related companies through different categories. New companies are also invited here to enroll their activities and customer services. It is absolutely free to join here and promote any kind of business. The sole purpose of this site is to guide people in the sector of the business market, such as find or share their business related information to every business information seekers.

There are mainly four sections in this website. In the “Home Page” you can find the activities of the company. In the “Company Page” you will find a huge category listing as well as  companies you need to start a business with. In the “Product Page” and “Service Page” you can get ideas of different products and services of different countries. Though this is an Indian based B2B site, people from other countries can enlist their business or services or products to this website. Most of the companies are there from different Indian states who are promoting their business through this B2B website. In short it is one of the best marketplace sites in India for better business.

6. Website:

Created on the 3rd December, 2007, is one of the largest online information community as well as news and online directory for Bangladeshi people who are living at home or abroad. You can learn about emergency phone numbers, tourism about Bangladesh, beauty tips, diseases and their recoveries, delicious recipes and cuisine, photo gallery, housekeeping tips, jokes and funnies etc. If you are living abroad, you can learn many news and views of your motherland by visiting

You can sing up here as a member for free and join this fantastic site and write some more interesting news and recipes for this website. Before going to any mobile shop to buy a mobile or cell phone, you can get a quick review for your best mobile here. You can also exchange your news and views with your friends and loved one every day. New visitors are joining at every moment to taste the informatics flavors of this website. Especially, people from all divisions of Bangladesh love to join very much. Job seekers from all over the country found this site suitable to get their desired jobs. The web site is getting popularity day by day for its informatics news.

7. Website:

Launched on 10th June, 2002, is one of the largest online directories for websites as well as information for news seekers. It is an extreme privacy protected website where all your visiting data will be kept in safe. For the simple policy requirement you can easily sign up here and register for the site. You can get a free membership or premium membership from this site. You can either search for new websites to collect data or submit your own website to help people collect data from your website. requires your email address to sign up and to add your website URL; because, in future you may need to edit your website information and update it from time to time. For premium account sign up it provides the world’s most secured payment system “Paypal.” The website is also available in 6 more languages: Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Gujarati, Japanese, Portuguese, and Thai. It has a vast website list of different categories and also in different languages. So, it is very easy to find your desired niche related websites in your desired languages from this giant directory. If you have any inquiry you can simply open a support ticket from “contact us” page of this web site.

8. Website: is a largest B2B or professional business website directory in Australia. It covers small business, home business and other business in Australia. It is also covering enterprise business in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Canberra of Australia. offers 3 kinds of business services beginners, consumers and businessmen. All visitors are allowed to add their business in this leading directory. It also offers vast business resources for everyone who like to start a new business or wants to grow and expand their existing business. is a part of Australia’s biggest business directory OMG. Listing to this directory will lead you to the vast customers of the world within a short period of time. You will just list your few details and got connected to the large business era. The listing is here for 12 months, and you will get a profile page there to add your personal details and photos. You can also get some extra benefits of email and phone leads just paying $90 per year. They have some network  with other directory: such as wedding, hair salon, lawyers, painters, electrician, mechanics and fitness. If you have more inquiry, you can ask just filling their contact form.

9. Website:

Come online on the 14th September, 2011, is a Bangladeshi yellow pages directory where you can find online business listings, addresses, phone numbers, web directions, email, and more things. There you can simply sign up and share your business details/website worldwide or especially with local people of Bangladesh. You can also visit at different divisional areas of Bangladesh to find or share your business there. More than 500 services are categorized to find your desired  one. Simply search each category to find your product or services for the maximum benefits of your business.

Though established two years ago, the sites contact us page is still under construction, so you can’t query more things about the site. But, you can browse through the other pages such as: location, advance search add your business and all category pages to find details of the product or services you are looking for. You will find some newly  added company there. So, it is no doubt one of the best dircectories in Bangladesh. As it is a Bangladeshi directory web site most of the visitors are from Bangladesh there.

10. Website:

Born on 2012, is a website of The Export Council of Australia, and got established in the high position of Australian export community. It is going to be a next evolution of the Australian Institute of Export, which is already in the heart of Australian exporters for the last 50 years. is owned by Board of Council of Australian Industry and a non-profit organization. The only goal of the organization is to promote Australian industry to international market. The organization represents all sorts of exporters: small, medium and large.

The further activities of the council is to combine the Australian export industry with skill and effectiveness to make it a profitable trade internationally. And also make some representation on behalf of the expertise to make them proper decision makers. The company also makes research to  recognize and quantify the progress of this profitable trade. There is a scope to discuss with the traders, locally and internationally to ascertain the all over progress of the export trade services. The Export Council of Australia is a solution to all export-import business of Australia with perfection through worldwide. So, to get a better result from your business, you can simply enlist your company there.

11. Website:

Start its journey at 22nd March, 2005, is one of the most renowned B2b Media companies based in India. The company has been working over the years to facilitate global trade and commerce, especially focusing on the Indian Market. Since the inception of the company, it has been continuously providing all necessary information to the buyers and suppliers to make their trading more trustworthy and beneficial for both sides. Almost all products reviews are available in Jimtrade. Currently Jimtrade possess information of over 15 million Indian products and suppliers. Every day, over thousands registered buyers visit the official website of Jimtrade to get necessary information.

For buyers, Jimtrade provide the information on recent supplier catalog, product profiles along with a complete company overview. The registered buyers are informed promptly by emails as soon as any new product is in the online market. The company also provides trade show information to the buyers time to time. For the suppliers, the company does the tasks of creating and managing the e - catalog with complete information about products. Jimtrade also send email to the supplies time to time with updated information about different companies and trade opportunities. The company is currently using the latest technology to keep track with the information for both buyers and suppliers.

12. Website:

Come on the net on 18th May, 2004, Over the yeas has been continuously working on bringing together all sorts of business in India on a universal online platform. So far, the company has been successful in achieving its original goals and objectives. The company has developed a one stop involvement platform which can successfully address all requirements of any company to assist maximize their opportunities of growing. In the pillar, Online Marketplace, the company provides the opportunity to get necessary information regarding buyers, suppliers, products and services. So, the registered members of the official website of TataB2B can easily enjoy the opportunity to compare the prices of products and services of different brands.

In the Exclusive Services Package, TataB2B helps the registered members get access to a wide arena of business services which simply can help a business to grow further. In the last pillar, connect and collaborate, TataB2B provides the community to know each other very well. The business entrepreneurs can the benefit of sharing their ideas, concepts and experiences on this platform. This scope is very helpful especially for the new business owners.

13. Website: is basically an online directory which bears the lists of nearly 8.6 million businesses based in Australia. Though it is an online directory, this has some mentionable differences with other online business directories. First of all, the website has its own internal search engine which is highly capable of finding necessary information on all listed businesses. As a result, the users of the website can easily find what they are searching for. Secondly, in the website, there is scope for the user to learn about the listed business. The users can also enjoy the benefit of sharing their thoughts with others regarding any particular business or industry. This opportunity also helps the advertisers to know people’s choice and current market demand.

Thirdly, the iPhone users can easily get the services of this website from their phone as there is a unique app for this. As a user, anyone can list their favorite business to have an easy access and see the latest dealings. Sitting at home or office or in a tour, people can know any details about the listed businesses using the iPhone app. Over the years, the Truelocal authority has been trying to establish more useful features in the website to make the site more convenient for the users.

14. Website:

Yalwa is one of the largest business directories of Australia which contains a list of business of almost all industries of major cities of Australia. Major industries of this directory include Building and Construction, Business Services, Computer and Internet, Property, Entertainment, Health and Beauty, Food and Drinks, Transportation, Tourism, Shopping, Lifestyle and so on. The major reason behind the popularity of this directory site is nothing but its simple and less sophisticated features. As it doesn’t require any financial transaction to get information from this website, people like the site a lot. The customized search box on the website helps the users find their required information based on industry name and possible location.

Currently, the site has stored the information of different business in 8 different geographical segments which include all major states. There is also a segment of seeing the most popular locations which are also used as a quick search option for the users. The users of the website can also enjoy the opportunity to add their business in the listing and this is also free of cost. Business owners are often encouraged to advertise their businesses, products and service through this online directory. As the listings are updated at regular interval, the users can be up-to-dated with all latest information.

15.Website: 1sworldtradeportal

1sworldtradeportal is a marketplace for B2B which is specially designed to assist companies to find business partners throughout the world. Since the inception of the company, it has been serving billions of business owners all over the world. Currently there are over millions of business and products in this marketplace. There are two different search boxes in 1sworldtradeportal. One of which is the google tool which helps the users of the website to get the best possible search result. The site also developed its own search tool to help to user find whatever they are looking for.

Almost all types of business are listed in the official website of 1sworldtradeportal. As a result, the users don’t have go through much trouble to get their desired result. On an recent survey it has been reported that, over thousands business owners become successful to find a good and reliable business partner from this website every month. This is basically main reason behind the huge popularity of this website. Last but not the least, the users of the website get the scope to share their views and opinions with other business owners which can certainly help them go upward with their business, products and services.


Asiannet is world’s one of largest global business information providing companies in the world now a day. The company has successfully brought together buyers and sellers of different parts of the world. In this context, the success of rate of business growth has increased to a significant extent for the users of the official website of asiannet. The original website of asiannet is which has been a trade portal and facilitates cross bored transactions of information related to trade. The company is simply an agent between the buyers and sellers.

The company was launched its activities in 1995 in the United States. In the following year, the company started its operation in Taiwan. At the very beginning, the company launched domain name registration services and other hosting services in China and Taiwan. Today, the company has registered over 50,000 domain names. Nearly 7 million active users are there of the official website of the company. Asiannet has been successful in providing online and real time services to its registered customers. Some latest services of the company include B2B marketplace, B2C solutions, International trade services, integrated global marketing solutions, development of different web applications, web hosting, domain name services and so on.

17. Website:

Seeing the name of the website, any internet user can predict what sort of services the website renders. In spite of being a new B2B service provider, the website has become successful so far to meet up the demands and requirements of the registered users of the website. The website was launched in early 2012 and since its inception; it has been providing all related information for B2B to their registered members. The most important issue regarding this website is that, it has been considered as a scam one by a single user. Currently the website is in Page Rank 3 position of google page rating. According to, there are over 700 unique visitors every day.

For the ensuring superior search for the users, there is an arrangement of very strong search tool in the website. Apart from this benefit, the business and industries are categorized in a perfect shape so that any new user can get the information s/he is looking for. The users can also get the scope develop their own list of business and edit the list time to time. Many business owners have been using the website to promote their business, business website, products and services.

18. Website: is a listing and directory of garments situated inside Bangladesh. As the garments have developed a lot in the garments sectors, the foreign buyers are often very interested to buy product from Bangladesh. Again, as the labor cost in Bangladesh is very cheap, many foreign investors are interested to set up garment inside Bangladesh. For both buyers and suppliers of garment products in Bangladesh, the website can provide few required information. Currently, the website doesn’t have any search tool option. As a result, it is bit difficult for the users to get desired information. The users have to find information manually from the website. But still, the website in the only hope to know about Bangladeshi garment industry.

The names of garments are arranged alphabetically. So, it would be easier for the internet users to find the name of the garments. But, the directory is not strong enough to meet up all the needs of the users as there is inadequate information of the garment companies. Apart from this, the database is very poor as there are only a few names in the directory. The only noteworthy thing regarding the website is the list of Associated Members of BGMEA.

19. Website:

Bitobi is actually a place for spending holidays. It is a place of over hundred acres and located on the bank of Gatineau River, Canada. Currently, the place is opened for tourists of both home and abroad. Every year, thousands of people all over the world visit this place to spend their holidays. The official website of Bitobi provides all required information to spend some free days in the place. Starting from accommodation facilities to price of different services is mentioned in the official website of Bitobi. The reason, people like the place and the official website is because such concept is simply unique and fully different.

The original website and information of the website is published in French but the user can easily enjoy the English version of the website using Google Translator. The most mentionable thing regarding the website is that, people can easily understand the life in Bitobi seeing the images published in the website. The images of wild life, winter, sun rises and sets, river banks, accommodation etc. can simply tempt a person to spend at least one day in his life time. Nearly thousands unique visitors visit the official website every day to get necessary information regarding the place.

20. Website:

To provide necessary information to the users about different manufacturing companies, the website has been working relentlessly over the years. At a first glance, it may seem that, the information available in the website is not arranged in order. But the truth is that, as they classification is set arbitrarily, any new user may face some difficulty. But, it’s just a matter of time to be accustomed with the website design. The most important thing regarding the website is that, the database is unbelievably strong. There is a list of over millions of business and companies. The products and services of the companies are also listed with the name of the companies. As a result, the users of the website can easily scan what a particular company is doing.

As the classification is not arranged alphabetically, new users often use the search box tool to reach in their desired destination. The search tool is also very efficient to satisfy the users finding their queries. The only limitation regarding the website is that, it only stores the information of those business farms and companies that are situated or based on Taiwan. But, people who are interested in Taiwan products are highly helped from this directory website.

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