Top 10 Text Book Rental Websites 2018

Top 10 Text Book Rental Websites

The popularity of Text Book Rental Websites is increasing day by day. There is no way to deny the truth that, students can save a handsome amount of money due to the presence and services of these sites. Here in this article, I will show you some of the most popular Text Book Rental web sites. Lets know about them:

1. Chegg is one of the most popular textbook rental websites in today’s world. The thing of Chegg that impress me much is their book return guarantee, best quality shipping service and different social services. Chegg is the selling point for students’ books and they can render the service of book renting at a very low price.

2. The popularity of eCampus as a book rental website is beyond description. A student can easily sell and ship his old and used textbooks for free through this website. On the other hand, students can save up to 90% money by renting books from this website. Online versions of books are another great edition of this site.

3. At the very beginning of College Book Renter, it provides awesome and top quality services to the students. But, over time, as its popularity grows up, its start providing poor services; in fact, there are many students that say this website is nothing but a scam. But, it is still a very popular website for a good number of students.

4. Like eCampus rental, Campus Book Rentals provide the opportunity to the students to save up to 90% book buying cost. It has the largest collection of text books today. Major features of this program include a money back guarantee (30 days), US edition books, any length of time of borrowing book, fast delivery service etc.

5. Book Renter is one of the Five Top Popular Book Rental Websites now a day. This is the perfect place for students of college level, graduation level and post- graduation level. Top features of this rental include Free Standard Shipping, 21 Days rental return policy, a huge collection of more than five million text books. Five rental periods etc.

6. According to the subscribers of Abe Books, their shipment service is tremendously good. They have a huge collection of books including order based book rental services. The books provided by this rental are far better than most other book rental websites. Students can easily get their required books at a very cheap rate.

7. This book rental service would definitely be the number one book rental site but due to internal mismanagement and frequent server error, students often fail to get their service properly. Once this site had great popularity for fastest delivery and cheaper rate but over time the delivery time has become very lengthier.

8. Book Byte can simply be the best choice for any college or university student as this site has a huge collection of books of over thousands of authors. The quick shipment service, low price rental and top quality internal search engine are truly very helpful for the students for any level. 

9. Bigmama is a Canadian based online Textbook rental website and the first one in the country which has a great collection of books. But, it is a matter of great regret that, subscribers of Big Mama often complain about its delivery services and higher prices but till now it is the most popular book rental site in Canada.

10. Like some top ranked Textbook rental websites, Knet Books is reputed for its huge collection of books and relevant services. The charge that Knet books demand is far less than other discussed text book rental websites. Apart from just text books, many educative journals, newspaper collection are also available in this program.

Though book rental services are not available in all the countries of the world, I am very hopeful that, in near future students all over the world can enjoy shipment service of books they need. For students, books are like foods and they should definitely be grateful to these sites to meet up their demand at a relatively cheaper price.

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