5 Shocking Pictures NASA Doesn’t Want You To See!

5 Shocking Pictures NASA Doesn’t Want You To See

5. Buildings on the Moon

In 2012, during a discussion that took place at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, a NASA employee was said to have left a pretty damning picture out in the open for all to see. These conspiracy theorists seem convinced that the photo is proof that NASA is completely aware of the fact that aliens regularly visit the moon, as well as earth.

They go on to say that alien visitation has been commonplace for centuries, with the space agency keeping a lid on its forbidden knowledge because the truth would adversely affect the entire world, especially with regard to religion and world order. This group of avid UFO and alien hunters point to a discoloured shape in a photo under the arm of one scientist, saying that its oblong shape and odd colouring are clearly not those of regular moon rocks.

We can confirm that something looks different about the object, which they are sure is an alien building left on the moon, but NASA says otherwise. A large number of people across the world are still convinced that our governments are constantly hiding evidence like this from us in an attempt to keep us in the dark, although we should point out the fact that their so-called evidence is shaky at the best of times.

Some commenters have built on this idea and have stated that we haven’t been back to the moon specifically because of alien buildings located there, with the world’s leaders being unprepared to provoke our otherworldly neighbours. They go on to say that there are actually multiple structures dotting the moon’s surface and that the photo from 2012 is just one such building.

The object in question has more recently come under fire once again, this time from fellow UFO hunters who believe the spot is a mark left over after the Centaur rocket impact. We took another look after this information came to light and we think there’s some real promise in his assumptions. The supposed building occupies the exact same spot as the Centaur impact zone, which is pretty ironclad proof.

We initially thought that the mystery object could have been something like a SIM card, resting atop the photo, but we think the rocket impact is a much better example. It also goes without saying that NASA would have easily been able to explain away a man-made object lying on a photograph during one of their interviews. Then again, it seems like conspiracy theorists today don’t favour listening to reason when they can just stir up the pot instead. No matter how much evidence there is to the contrary, they’ll always be up in arms over something new and ridiculous.

4. Second Sun Conspiracies

Number four on our countdown actually comes, not from the addled brains of steadfast conspiracy theorists, but from a relatively respected astronomer, Paul Cox, who is very much involved with Slooh. Slooh is a telescope service that allows users to tap in online, with the aid of a flash browser plugin. It allows amateurs and weekend warriors to watch broadcasts whenever they want, making it quite a popular service.

We think Paul accidentally drunk a little too much conspiracy theory laced kool aid when he made some stunning claims during a Slooh broadcast. At some point during the broadcast he points to a little, black dot. We all know that this black dot is, in fact, Mercury, a planet that has repeatedly been proven to exist. Instead of stating this, Cox then goes onto say that we’re all mistaken and that Mercury isn’t what we think it is at all. Instead, he claims the little, black dot is actually a second, albeit much smaller, sun.

If you believe his rants then you’re probably a little tweaked. If, for argument’s sake, a second sun did inhabit our area of space, we’d probably have some pretty rock solid evidence of it long before Cox came to his hair-brained conclusions. We’re also pretty sure that if we did have two suns, NASA would have absolutely no reason to hide it from us. Sure, it would be a huge news item and might cause some initial shock, but it would ultimately be a huge success for NASA.

We should also point out here that their funding is directly related to discoveries like this, so we can’t imagine why they’d keep a lid on it. So if you believe Paul Cox, we’ve got two suns and the planet Mercury is just a coverup to keep us from learning the truth. Another theory that Cox is all about revolves around an enormous, mystery planet, dubbed Planet X, will one day emerge from behind out our sun, smashing into the earth.

We don’t know what evidence he and many other loons think they have to support this theory, but we’re not going to be convinced all that easily. We also can’t imagine why respected astronomers would go off the rails to this extent, given the fact they they have the opportunity to put their theories to the test themselves.

Then again, a flawed mind can’t be expected to produce legitimate results, no matter how much they try. If these astronomers want to prove these theories so desperately then they’ll always find a way to skew the facts and misinterpret important details, often times deliberately.

3. Evidence of Real Martians

Another well-respected scientists, this time a former NASA employee, has made similarly shocking claims with regard to life on Mars. Her testimony brings us right back to 1979 when she claims to have seen two humanoid beings, dressed completely in space suits, walking around the Viking lander when it first touched down on the red planet. Conspiracy theorists all over the world went a little nuts over the news. Some have claimed that it’s incontrovertible proof that human habitation on Mars is already well under way, with the figures actually being NASA employees doing some basic maintenance for the return trip.

Others say, unsurprisingly, that the beings must have been aliens and that this proves what they’ve known all along. Sure it does. What is most interesting is that the former employee of the world’s most well-known space agency too 27 years to inform the world of her discovery. She also, funnily enough, did so on a morning talk radio show called Coast to Coast AM, which isn’t the least bit suspicious, right?

The mystery employee, known to the world only as Jackie says she was maintaining equipment and overseeing downlink telemetry from the Viking lander when the figures popped up. Immediately afterward the video feed they were monitoring was cut before she and her fellow employees were physically locked in the room, with paper being taped over the door window.

Many have claimed that NASA is incredibly active on Mars, with a 1966 mission supposedly making the atmosphere on Mars breathable. We don’t know why anyone would buy into this, as the evidence to the contrary is immense. Furthermore, it is unclear why the employees who were locked in a room in NASA all those years ago didn’t break the story earlier.

Seeing men on Mars would be a pretty spectacular story, making the odds of Jackie, whoever she really is, keeping a lid on this for so long. Additionally, it would be nice to hear from her fellow employees who were treated with such disrespect, but they have all remained mysteriously quiet, even after she dropped that bomb on us. If NASA is running a secret base on Mars we’ll have to give them serious kudos for being slick enough to keep it under the radar for so long.

Conspiracy theorists don’t seem to realize that an agency that is as advanced as NASA seems to be probably wouldn’t be so full of holes. With all the leaks they should’ve learned to avoid outside contractors at the very least.

2. North Pole Coverup

It’s amazing that conspiracy theorists came up with this one before science fiction novelists got to it first. The North and South poles are, admittedly, difficult places to get to. They are not, however, in the league of outer space. These are still relatively easy places to get to if you really hope to prove a massive cover up perpetrated by all of the world’s major governments.

With that laid out in the open we will now enlighten you to a theory raised in 2016 that claims NASA is hiding immense holes that lead directly into the center of the earth. The video, put together by secureteam10, makes the assertion that NASA has been actively trying to cover this up since they first made the discovery thanks to early satellites. The footage they use includes a few of the very first satellite images ever taken.

These wild accusations are supposed to help back up the hollow earth theory, which is exactly what it sounds like, except for the addition of a livable inner earth, complete with its own sun. This could really help Paul Cox if proven to be true, although he may have to account for the difference in location of our second sun, considering it would mean he’s literally sitting right on top of it.

The group even goes as far as to state that many explorers have witnessed these massive holes first hand, bringing the information back with them. We’re also well aware that the guy who hangs out behind the grocery store, telling everyone they talk to angels thinks he’s got it all figured out, too.

It’s just not that convincing and we expected a little more effort on secureteam10’s part. Further evidence posited is that an astronaut on the ISS quickly shuts a window during a trip that took them over Antarctica. This is similar to people losing their minds every time the feed on the ISS cuts, no matter the actual reason.

Downtime will always mean cover up time. With a vast majority of Arctic and Antarctic explorers never bringing up these huge holes, which is an odd omission, we can’t help but wonder just how big this conspiracy really is.

1. UFO Creeping Closer

Speaking of ISS feeds cutting out, on July 9th, 2016 we ended up with one hell of a show, proving once and for all that aliens exist. There’s no doubt that there is some kind of UFO and it does look somewhat ominous.

The pale, luminous, white dot seems to slowly descend toward the earth at a steady rate, descending from the heavens. As it seems to reach the edge of earth’s atmosphere the feed suddenly goes offline, with static notice displayed instead of the camera footage.

We don’t know why NASA cut the feed here, but we are sure it isn’t because they have a secret pact with an alien race, hiding their comings and goings. Any number of objects could enter our atmosphere from outer space at any time.

Our monitoring capabilities can only go so far, which means most of these objects could very easily surprise us if they approach from an awkward angle, among many other reasons.

It could very well be that NASA’s standard practice is to cut the feed in the event of a UFO no matter what in order to avoid a public panic while they investigate further. We expect it’s probably more of a ‘better safe than sorry’ situation should there be any real cause for alarm.

The meteor that exploded over Tunguska a number of years ago is a very real example of something that NASA might want to avoid showing footage of, especially if such an object ever ends up landing somewhere like a populated city, for example. We doubt, however, that it’s aliens.

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