Review of Melt Spinning Machine DW7090E for Lab Use

Review of Melt Spinning Machine
We are one of the well-known melt spinning machine Manufacturers. Exporters and Suppliers of word class Melt Spinning Machine in HEFEI, CHINA.  The Melt Spinning Machine is made under the strict take care of highly professional experts to ensure the best fabrication.

Melt Spinning Machine, also known as Lab Melt Spinning Machine is a unique chemical fiber spinning machine used for teaching purpose. Not only it delivers excellent performance, stable operation and high cost performance operation, but also it can be modified to meet other technical parameters and requirement of different capacities.

Melt spinning machine is mainly chemical fiber spinning machine, appropriate for producing polypropylene, nylon and polyester, etc.

Following are the main features of melt spinning machine:
Electric heating method;
Melting material is mainly controlled by temperature sensor and pressure sensor;
The kettle body is manufactured by 316L stainless steel, to make heating more uniform;
Equipped with a big see-through glass door for easy observation.

Melt spinning machine is mainly used for spinning 2dtex~20dtex chemical fiber with the help of melting polyester chip.

As the Melt spinning machine DW7090E is only for teaching use, you can check the below list to ensure yourself that in which purpose you will use it:
Teaching as Demo;
General Test Purpose;
Single Module Accuracy Test;
Double Module Composite Spinning;
Single Module Test or Production;
Double Module Test or Production;
Staple Fiber Test or Production;
Non-Woven Fabric Test or Production;
Industrialization Reproduction;

Melt spinning is a forming method which uses polymer melt as the raw material and the melt spinning machine.  The melt spinning system can be used for spinning any kind of polymer that can change or melt into a sticky flow state without any significant squalor. In the process of melt spinning, a large number of polymers is sucked into main spinning part of the melting machine after melting into the screw thruster, and then quantitatively sucked into the spinning module through the spinning pump automatically. After filtering, the huge polymer is forced out from the tube hole of the spinneret. The melted filament congeals gradually through cooling process, and then it is stretched into a thread at high speed using the winding maneuver at the bottom. The thread is a primary fiber, which is then processed into a fiber.

Melt Spinning process:
Melt spinning contains material melting, thrusting from the nozzle and start cooling and hardening. Polymers are generally dry particles or sharing feed thruster, after squeezing molten advancing to metering pump, metering pump ensure and control the stable polymer melt stream into the spinneret, the thrusting of the trickle HengChui wind for rapid winding, cooling and curing. And in the procedure of winding the pre-stretching system of the guide roller play the process of drawing long filament. The principle procedure factors of melt spinning are thrusting temperature, cooling condition, winding speed, spinning, size and shape of spinneret hole, etc.

DW7090D Melt Spinning Machine is appropriate for simulating all kind of site manufacture in small amount of production for trial purpose. Melt spinning Equipment is suitable for Pitch research. It is an ideal small mass machine for any kind of lab use.

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