Horrible kids destroy 320 million years of history in an instant

Horrible kids destroy 320 million years of history

An “irreplaceable” iconic stone landmark that took 320 million years to form has been smashed in seconds by “idiot” youths.

One of the balancing stones at the Brimham Rocks was sent toppling from its perch in what authorities have described as a “completely pointless” act by the thoughtless kids.

The youths had been spotted pushing the sandstone rock off the crag at the National Trust-owned tourist spot at Summerbridge,

North Yorkshire, two weeks ago — forever damaging the iconic landmark. The Brimham Rocks are about 215 miles north of London.

Slamming the careless act, Helen Clarke, from the National Trust, said: “It might have been fun for some people.”

“Actually, it is just completely pointless and needless.”

Thousands of tourists flock to the stunning landmark every year to see the weird and wonderful shapes sculpted by wind and ice over millions of years.

People have also carved their names into the sandstone — previously touched only by nature.

Names including “Lee & Chez” and “Siona” have been scrawled into the soft rock — as well as “2K18.”

People have been scrawling their names on the rocks for years.
But the years of history that began before the first dinosaurs walked the Earth have been spoiled by the careless youths.

Police have now warned that the actions have created a potential hazard for other visitors to the site.

The treatment of the landmark site has sparked outrage online, with one commenter writing: “There really are no words to describe these mindless idiots.”

The damage caused by vandals at the Brimham Rocks.
Another added: “I truly hope these mindless idiots are found and held accountable for this.”

A North Yorkshire Police statement said they had received reports that five young people were seen pushing a rock from its perch about 8:45 p.m. Friday, June 1.

They said: “This resulted in the rock falling from the crag causing damage to the crag face.”

“The damage this has caused is irreplaceable and it is now in a potentially dangerous condition.”

“The incident has not only caused considerable damage to both the rock and the crag face, but those responsible also put themselves in danger and have created a potential hazard for other visitors to Brimham Rocks.”

They appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

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