Pictured: Female cyclist who lost her leg in crash at notorious London roundabout as she calls for curbs on huge lorries in cities

A female cyclist who lost a leg after a collision with a cement lorry has called for restrictions on large construction vehicles in big cities.

Sarah Doone, 38, was left fighting for her life after she was dragged under the front wheels of the huge lorry on Old Street roundabout in central London last month.

Ms Doone was so badly injured that she thought she was going to die - she even asked police to help her tie up loose ends by contacting her sister Rachel, to tell her boss she would not be coming in and to ask someone to feed her cats.

The notorious roundabout where Ms Doone was injured was due to be made safer in early 2016, but work was delayed and now will not start until 2020.

Ms Doone told the Sunday Times: 'I've got a big, bright backpack but [a driver] can't have eyes everywhere if your truck is too big. These trucks are enormous.'

The freelance technical operator for news network Al Jazeera had her left leg amputated but doctors were able to save her right leg after 15 hours of surgery.

Doctors hope she will be able to walk again in another two months.

She added: '[I remember] screaming as loudly as I possibly could — ah, ah, ah — just so people would hear me before I went under the next set [of wheels]. I knew if I went under the next set, then my head would probably be under.'

Ms Doone's friends and family are currently raising money to cover her lost freelance wages, as well as adaptations needed in her flat to accommodate her life-altering injuries.

Their original target was £25,000, but this goal was increased to £50,000. You can donate to her fundraising page here.

Cycling UK's Duncan Dollimore has said that schemes to improve cycling safety are 'all too frequently' being delayed or cancelled, 'sometimes with tragic results'.

In 2016, 102 cyclists were killed on Britain's roads, a two per cent increase on the year before.

Earlier this week Dr Peter Fisher, a doctor for the Queen, was killed after being hit by a lorry on his morning commute. A man in his 60s also died last week after being hit by a lorry on Cycle to Work Day.

Transport for London have introduced rules that mean HGVs that are heavier than three-and-a-half tonnes will have to have Class V and VI mirrors and be fitted with side guards to stop cyclists being dragged under the wheels after a crash. 

HGVs that weight more than 12 tonnes will have to hold a safety permit from next year in a move TfL say 'will remove the most dangerous lorries' from the streets of London.

Ms Doone's lawyer has appealed for witnesses to the crash at 3.30pm on July 25 to come forward.

Source: dailymail

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