US ambassador’s vehicle attacked in Dhaka

A group of “armed adult men, some on motorcycles” were responsible for the attack, the statement said.

The ambassador, her drivers and security staff departed the area unharmed, the embassy said, but two security vehicles sustained some damage.

“We express our appreciation to the Dhaka Metropolitan Police and security officials for their quick and professional response following the incident,” the US Embassy said.

SHUJAN Secretary Badiul Alam Majumdar had previously informed that his home and the US ambassador’s car had been attacked by unidentified men on Saturday night.

The attack occurred around 11pm on Saturday, the official from the good governance organisation said.

Majumdar told that Ambassador Bernicat had been invited for dinner at his home on Mohammadpur’s Iqbal Road.

“A group of men attacked as she was leaving the house and getting into her car around 11pm.”

 “The attackers attempted to block her car, but it left quickly,” Jamal, a neighbour of Majumdar’s, told “The attackers chased it and threw stones.”

They then attempted to break the door of the residence, Majumdar said.

“They attempted to break the door and enter. When they were unable to do so they threw brickbats and broke the windows.”

Majumdar said he immediately called 999 and asked for police help.

“We were informed of the incident,” Mohammadpur Police OC Jamal Uddin Mir told “A police team was dispatched to the area.”

Source: bdnews24

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