Woman gives birth to her first son aged 58 after spending £4,500 on an embryo adoption procedure in India because she was too old for IVF in the UK

A 59-year-old British woman who was too old to qualify for IVF in the UK gave birth to her first son last year after travelling to India for embryo adoption.

Carolyne, who emigrated to Australia from Fife, Scotland, paid £4,500 for the procedure, which is also available in Cyprus, after being told in her late thirties fertility problems would make it difficult to conceive.

Appearing on This Morning on Wednesday, Carolyne, who gave birth to Javed by caesarean section in November last year, said she had no qualms about being an older mother - and had plans in place with family and friends should anything happen to her.

Speaking via video link from Sydney, Carolyne told the ITV show presenters Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes: ‘My life is just complete now that I have got my baby and I am so happy that I made the choice to go ahead.'

Carolyne was forced to seek treatment further afield as she was too old for IVF in the UK and Australia. Under NHS guidelines, women under 40 are eligible for three IVF cycles, and woman aged between 40 and 42 are eligible for one cycle. According to a senior fertility specialist with IVF Australia most clinics do not treat women over 51.

Finding herself single at 40 after divorce and still longing for a baby, Carolyne discovered embryo adoption, for which donated embryos and sperm are used.

Carolyne Ness, originally from Fife who emigrated to Australia, had longed to be a mother but finding herself suddenly single at 40 and struggling to find a man to have a family with she opted to pay £4,500 for an 'embryo adoption' procedure to have her son Javed.

She added: 'And even though I am an older mother I am coping very well and he is very loved and very much wanted.'

Asked how her son would be taken care of if anything were to happen to her, Carolyne said she didn't expect to be going anywhere any time soon.

Donated embryos and sperm are used in embryo adoption.

The procedure involves the fertilised embryos being implanted into the womb.

Medication will be given to thicken the uterus lining to make sure it is in optimum condition to receive embryos.

The embryos will be inserted into the cervix.

Women will found out they are pregnant within two weeks of implantation by at home pregnancy test or doctor's blood test.

She added: 'My sister is willing to take him, she is five years younger and my best friend who was my birthing partner, she is ten years younger.

‘She is very willing to take him if anything should happen.

‘My family is long lived he was in his nineties, my mother passed when she was in her mid-eighties just before Javed was born.'

For her embryo adoption Carolyne was given the profiles of ten embryos, choosing a 21-year-old Indian woman, and six sperm donors, selecting an American-Caucasian donor.

She said: 'I chose the ones that felt right for me.'

Three fertilised embryos were then implanted in Carolyne's womb after tests confirmed it was healthy enough.

Javed was born at 37 weeks by a planned cesarean and Carolyne said she doesn't plan to have any more children.

Source: dailymail

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