You must learn that how to have a boy

how to have a boy

What is the best solution of how to have a boy? This is a very common question that many couples have been asking. In fact, there are still some secret techniques that have not been discovered by many people. You will be surprised to know that the effectiveness can be as high as 95%. We will read two of the most secret methods in this content. We will also talk about some medical treatment later in the content.

Let's start by knowing how a woman can conceive a child through intercourse. Man's sperm comes in two different forms; the ‘Y’ sperm for a boy and ‘X’ sperm for a girl. If you are looking to have a boy, then you must make sure to let the sperm boy 'Y' to fertilize the egg.

We also need to know in regards to how to have a boy that ‘Y’ sperm are very weak in your life. This means that they can easily die in a hostile environment. But the good news is that most of them can swim faster than ‘X’ girl sperm.

First method:
One of the important factors about how to have a boy is to consume the correct foods. Do you know that the type of food you eat can greatly influence your baby's selection of sex? Yes! If you plan to have a baby boy, you should eat more alkaline foods such as apples, turnips, carrots etc.

By consuming more alkaline foods, which consists of asparagus, meat, tomatoes, dairy products, wheat grass, and other similar foods, you are actually raising the PH level in the vagina. This is a more comfortable area for sperm boy to survive longer, which helps increase the chances of conceiving a boy.

Second method:
Should you use a shallow or deep penetration on how to have a boy? Well, the answer is a deep penetration. The reason behind is very simple. This type of penetration will allow boy 'Y' to settle closer to the egg and will also help shorten the path for sperm to swim through the vaginal canal. Since the child can swim faster, it will increase the chances that the 'Y' sperm will reach the egg first.

An option to get pregnant with a boy is the natural medicinal route. A strict word of caution; you should not take any medication if you are not familiar with its ingredients or if it has not been approved or prescribed by your doctor.

Taking unknown drugs, whether natural or not, can be harmful, if not fatal. If this warning does not change your opinion, then maybe the cost of such a medication will. The cost can easily be more than $ 100 each time you use it!

Another option available to you is the true natural way to learn how to have a boy. Calculate the date of ovulation using something like an ovulation calendar, and have sex at the best time to conceive a boy. Male sperm is weaker than female sperm, but faster, and having sex immediately after ovulation gives male sperm the advantage to get to the ovum before the stronger but slower female sperm.

Avoid certain sweets such as candy, ice cream, cakes and soda, etc. Using the natural way of conceiving a boy has an important role to play, but it is always advisable to put the odds completely in your favor by following a step-by-step method to have a boy.

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