How to look after yourself at office during your period

look after yourself at office during your period

It is always important to practice personal care and stay mentally and physically healthy at office. But during period it becomes even more important. Knowing how to take good care of yourself can minimize your physical discomfort and help improve your mood, making work a lot easier and more enjoyable. Here are some suggestions or ways you can take good care of yourself during your period during job hours.

Eat good foods (and regularly)
Your metabolism needs all the help you can get when you have your period, so eat regularly. Little and often is the key, and be sure to get plenty of vitamins B6 and C. You'll find them in fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, bananas, nuts, potatoes, cranberry juice and citrus fruits. Try to eat lots of fresh vegetables too at your office.

Try to avoid foods with a high salt content, as they will stimulate fluid bloating and retention, and stay away from caffeine, as it increases tension and worsen cramps, and contracts blood vessels.

Drink a lot of water
It is always good to drink a lot of water, but it is even more important during your period at office. Water will not only help with water retention, but also it will prevent you from getting dehydrated, and keep you away from feeling lethargic and tired during job hours.

Do something lovely
If you feel pretty crap then treats yourself to something lovely. Buy your favorite chocolate bar, wear nice clothes and enjoy a good quality television program, whatever it is that makes you feel good. One of the best solutions of the period is Period Box, a subscription service in which you receive a monthly package with everything you need to help you at your period time at office.

In addition to the supply of towels or tampons, it contains delicious sweets such as chocolate, tea and some toiletries, all beautifully wrapped and sealed with ingenious stickers. It almost makes your period worth the wait! 

Physical activity is excellent for relieving lethargy, anxiety and headaches during job hours. It's an almost instantaneous mood, full of endorphins. But be careful with yoga: avoid any "inverted posture" that turns you upside down (this includes the head and shoulder supports and the plow). Exercise also helps improve the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body, including the pelvic area, which can also help with cramping. If you consider that your usual exercise regimen is too strenuous during your period, opt for an exercise or activities with less impact, or reduce the exercise time at office.

Enjoy quiet time
When you are at work during your period, try squeezing a little quiet time. This can be as simple as a couple of minutes of silent contemplation or a deep breath on your desk (or hide in the toilet if there is no possibility of going uninterruptedly on your desk!) Or take a short walk. If you cannot excuse yourself to leave the office, even going up or down the stairs of your office can help you rest (and do a little soft exercise).

Tasks to plan during your period
Your period is a good time for cleanliness and organization, both physically and emotionally. Some ideas you could plan at job time included:

Cleanup your desk of office.
Filing, invoicing and accounts.
Redesigning your filing systems or admin.
De-cluttering and clearing out cupboards.
Sorting out your mailing list or database.
Redesigning your working/day practices.

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