How To Keep Your Job At The Time Of Recession

Smart Impression At Your New Job

In the current situation of economic recession, the possibility of finding a permanent job is difficult, but it can often be more difficult to maintain. However, if you are doing a job and want to keep it for long, you have to maintain some rules and follow some powerful tips. To achieve your goal, you should take a lot of time, but when you find out what you want, you will understand that you have not wasted your time.

Make a good relationship with your boss. Try to become a close friend of your boss on the basis of mutual respect, kind relationship and effective communication. Although every boss has his own style, you should understand what it means and tell that you are respected for it. Some boss is very reluctant to talk about their personal life, if you are ready to share the problems of your interests and your family, you can ask questions in this regard, when you will chat with him.

 If you have a work problem, then be courteous to your boss. Don’t complain to him about your colleagues, or you take the risk of standing up against them, and don’t include other colleagues when they gossip about your boss. If you want to be an integral part of your office, then you should be good with the colleagues, understand your thoughts and be prepared to cooperate, should communicate openly with them. Even if you sometimes get different perspectives, you should behave correctly, to show that you can meet someone with friendly behavior. If you show that you can’t be with your colleagues, your boss feels that it is difficult to fit you in the team. But if you laugh and feel easily, then you will be the backbone of your office. 

In order to strengthen the team, additional office activities such as happy hours, voluntary work or activities are needed. Try to participate in those activities, though you don’t want to take part in all the initiatives, even outside the context of your work, try to show your interest to colleagues. Keep yourself away from gossiping and avoid speaking behind the people. If you don’t want to create bad reputation, try to avoid those bad habits.  

Instead of complaining about your colleagues try to smile to them, because who always keep smiles on his face become a person of good personality, and at the same time it will make your job easy to keep. Of course, if someone is bothering you, then you should talk to your boss about it. If you want people to enjoy you in your presence, then laugh or be happy with them.

 If you want to keep your work, you have to foresee something new at present, so that you can do something beyond your job. Even if your boss wants to take care of an additional project or attempts to do something new, then you should accept and be excited to enrich your knowledge. If you will continue to challenge yourself, you will not only be able to shock your head, but you will also make your work more fun and rewarding. You will appreciate the desire to do extra work or learn something new. You must be the first person to whom the boss turns, when a new project comes. 

It is necessary to work on time or come sometime in advance at the office. Try to arrive at least 15-20 minutes before office time every day, because accidentally you may become late. If you arrive first, you can proceed with more work. If you come late, you will lose your reputation and goodwill. It is the ideal way to show the importance of engaging your work with your boss and other colleagues.  Make sure you arrive on time at all meetings. You should make a serious effort to be organized. Ensure that all the files on your PC and the documents on your desk are in order, the appointment calendar is up to date and there is a definite list of things to do, and always rearrange your workstation and organize your documents. If you waste a minute, then you should have all the disadvantages, and if you don’t this indicates of proving that you are someone who has taken the job seriously. If your boss asks you to send a file and it takes an hour to find it, then minimize your work load, and send the file as quickly as possible.

While some offices are more comfortable than others, you can customize them according to the dress codes. It will show that you are determined to make a good impression. When a disturbance appearance you will give the impression that you don’t want to commit yourself.  If you take care of your presence, your boss and your colleagues take you seriously.  Another way is to keep yourself creative, innovative and always come up with new ideas. You shouldn’t make your boss to believe that you are fossilizing in your harsh mental forms and you aren’t ready to face new challenges. Technology and work are constantly evolving and you need to be ready to adapt, as well as do your work more efficiently.

Be excited to suggest your boss other systems and show them that you always think outside the box. If you want to keep your work, you should accept criticism and you should be able to creatively work to make progress, not that you feel inadequate. When your boss criticizes you and uses it to enrich you every day, you should be grateful. If you don’t understand criticism, then your boss thinks that you do not want to progress in office life. Of course, not all reactions can be useful; in any case you should be kind and humble, when you will receive them. Show that you want to proceed, even after getting your job, continue to be an expert. Participate in evening classes, participate in seminars, review your industry, compare experts, and do anything to update the news in your area and do your work best. If your boss learns that you are up to date all the time, then he will be satisfied that you are working hard to increase your excellence level. Learn to love the work you have done.  After all, the best thing to keep your job even in the time of recession is to love it in all its aspects.

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