Success story of Danner Manufacturing Company

Danner Manufacturing Company

From humble beginnings, a family-owned company, Danner manufacturing, has developed and manufactured innovative products for professionals and hobbyists.

Eugene Danner Sr. was working on his own workbench at the Summerfield plant at St Brooklyn in New York. Around 1968 Eugene Danner Sr. began sowing the seeds of Danner Manufacturing in 1934 whilst working in the basement of his own home on Seneca Avenue in the Ridgewood neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York. While in a full-time position as a plant manager, Eugene was very proud to start the Danner business outside of his usual full-time job. Eugene's first creation was a small waterfall toy, used as a part of a toy sold by the well-known F • A • O Schwarz® toy shop in New York. Eugene Danner Sr. and his children, Reneta and Eugene would journey from Brooklyn to Canal Street, New York, where they would buy fragment of metal for their waterfall toys. They came and went on the New York City subway carrying 50 pounds of scrap metal on their backs.

At that time, aquatic recreation was beginning to develop and this group of people raising fish as pets was nicknamed "fish lovers". Eugene was regularly asked if he could make air and water pumps for this new hobby. Since then, the "Supreme Aquarium" brand was invented and the original extreme Dynamaster® air pumps were initiated, which quickly became the customary to which others desired.
At the time of end of the Second World War, Eugene's son was returning at home and opening Danner Manufacturing's first official factory on Woodbine Street, Brooklyn. He got on his father's rising hobby as a full-time successful business. At that time, Eugene Danner Sr. left his position as Plant Manager and began working all the time with his son to invent what is known as Danner Manufacturing now. Over the years, Eugene and his son modernized and opened a completely new state-of-the-art facility in 1960 at Summerfield Street, Brooklyn.

In the 1960s, Eugene Danner Sr.'s three grandchildren began to assist in the plant, and in 1974, the Danner family shifted to a new opportunities in Islandia, Long Island in New York. . In 1987, Eugene gave the torch to his son, Michael, who handled the company until 2005. Meanwhile, Michael's sister Catherine Danner created and developed many award-winning product designs throughout the 1980s. Their sister, Rosemarie, is currently CEO of Danner Manufacturing and carry on to perpetuate Danner's rich heritage and tradition.

More than 80 years later, he pursued the vision of Eugene Danner Sr. while continuing to employ and manufacture in the United States. Our energy-efficient and sophisticated hybrid drive and magnetic drive pumps becoming popular products with thousands of loyal and satisfied customers across North America.

The brands we produce and market are Supreme Aquarium, Pondmaster, ProLine, Supreme Hydro, Pool Care and Pondmaster ECO. These elite brands are found in the garden water, aquarium, swimming pools, ponds, and spas, hydroponics industries and OEMs in North America and overseas customers. We are committed to provide our customers high quality products at a cheap price, with the best value for money.

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